Specify Training Completion Date

Video Transcription

Hello there, this is Don and I’m excited to unveil this latest feature in eLeaP Learning Management System. It’s a tool that allows you to set your LMS completions but to actually lock in the dates of those completions. For example, if you are manufacturing an entity, medical device company, a bank, what have you, and you have employees that have taken training, maybe outside of the elements, and you want to document those trainings and set the completions for those dates that it actually went about taking the training or courses, you can now do that in eLeaP, it’s super easy.

What you want to do is just go to your completion report tab within the course, right? Right over there it used to be a green button, now it’s a text link, says set complete it. Click on that. What you will see is it defaults to the current date. Today 20th September. That’s pretty much it. If that’s what you want to set the date of completion as simply hit the set blue, green button there and the system locks that in.

On the other hand, if you wanted to, for example, back data, so just set it to a different date, simply use the option here to indicate what year, month, or day that you want to set this to. For example, if this was something that was completed in 2015, I’m not saying that’s what happened but, you know, November of 2015, November 14th. I can lock that it, click set, and there we have it. So super easy tool but very powerful. You can now document just about any other type of training. Simply hit set complete it. You can click on the set or change the date and hit set and that locks it in. Thanks so much, and as usual, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.