Once you make the decision to deploy eLearning (or instructor-led) as part of your training and development effort, there inevitably arises a critical question, “are you going to outsource the course development or are you going to develop course content in house?”

The answer to this question will lead you to either reach out to an organization like eLeaP or choose to work in-house. We can tell you there are many good reasons to develop in-house if you have the resources (time, money, expertise, etc). There are also equally powerful reasons to let folks like us who enjoy doing this for a living, to take care of the task of developing your custom course content.

There may be some areas of custom eLearning development worth outsourcing, while others may be best suited to in-house design and creation.

The Advantages of Using Our Content Development Team

  1. The number one reason many organizations outsource the development of eLearning content is to benefit from the expertise of contractors who are skilled and knowledgeable in this area. Your in-house team may not have the same level of experience or know-how to develop the most effective content, particularly if it’s extremely complex material. Additionally, our experts have tons of ideas or contributions they can bring to enhance the success of your project.
  2. You will save both time and money. Our team is singularly focused on successfully completing your project on time and under budget. We are Trello (project management) zealots to ensure your work is not only done fast but done right.
  3. If you’re considering assembling a dedicated in-house eLearning team to develop your content, you’re going to have to cover overhead expenses including taxes, workspace costs, benefits, etc. With our team, you’re just paying for the cost of the project, without the overhead of having a full or even part-time employee.

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