Case studies – Customer Success Stories

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Organization Name Industry
 X-Ray Lady Continuing Education
PrimeLending Mortgage Banking
Washington County Hospital & Nursing Home Health Care
Energy Onion Energy, Utilities
Merit Medical Medical Device
Regency Office Products Online Retail/B2B
Stadium Food and Beverage Hospitality
California Electrical Training, Inc. Electrical Industry
Arkansas School of Court Reporting Education
cPrime IT Project Management
Colorado CustomWare Software
Applied Underwriters Workers’ Compensation, Insurance
LEAPS.TV Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Homeland Security
Oyster Learning Education
EMS Consulting Group, Inc. Management Consulting
CompliancePoint Consulting Services
 Citizens First National Bank  Banking
CHA Seminars Professional services

Applied Underwriters

Applied Underwriters is a premier Workers’ Compensation and Financial Services company specializing in serving the needs of small to medium sized businesses. They are leaders in the field of integrated workers’ compensation solutions, offering a family of products that seamlessly integrate insurance coverage and business services. All of Applied Underwriters coverage solutions boast a Best’s rating of A VIII (Excellent) and ensure unparalleled dependability and reliability.

• Provide ease of use that will allow employees to self-train
• Enable a higher volume of underwriters to receive training without increasing costs
• Facilitate compliance with state regulations regarding claims adjuster training

Telania’s secure, web-based eLeaP software-as-a-service solution provided Applied Underwriters with the easy to use learning management system (LMS) they required. It allowed them to cost-effectively train a greater number of underwriters while also ensuring compliance with state regulations.

• Increased training capacity allowed for increase in number of certified underwriters
Tracking and reporting allowed for refinements in training materials
• Employees showed increased retention of training materials and greater confidence on the job


The Arkansas School of Court Reporting

The Arkansas School of Court Reporting is dedicated to helping motivated students enter the growing field of court reporting. Founded less than five years ago, the school has already developed a strong track-record and produced some of the best court reporters in the State of Arkansas. However, the school is poised for tremendous growth. With its newly implemented online training courses, the Arkansas School of Court Reporting is able to open its virtual doors to students from all across the United States and it can allow them to begin their course of study at any time.

Create online courses that will allow the school to serve more students and offer maximum flexibility progressing through the program
• Provide ease of use for both the school and the students
• System must be fully scalable and highly cost effective

eLeaP’s Course Content Creator Pro allowed the Arkansas School of Court Reporting to create dynamic courses through simple copy and paste applications, and adopting this hosted solution ensured seamless scalability, strong service and support, and a very reasonable cost.

• Ability to market outside of the state
• Enhanced brand recognition
• Increased training effectiveness
• Increased revenue

California Electrical Training, Inc. (CET)

California Electrical Training, Inc. (CET) is a pioneering institution in its field. It is one of only two institutions in the state to offer online courses that are approved by the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards. This forward thinking business strategy has been rewarded handsomely. Since introducing its online offerings, California Electrical Training has seen a dramatic increase in business and a dramatic reduction in course-development costs.

Create online training courses to encourage increased enrollment
• System must provide ease of use for course developers and for trainees
• System must accommodate course content with complex graphics and video files
• System must be highly cost-effective and include strong customer service and support

California Electrical Training, Inc. turned to eLeaP, Telania’s secure, web-based LMS. eLeaP’s Course Content Creator Pro made developing and implementing graphics and video-rich courses a simple copy and paste operation.

• California Electrical Training, Inc. saw a rapid 300% increase in business.
• Course development costs dropped by $6,000 per course
• California Electrical Training, Inc. is now able to market its courses statewide without any increase in its marketing budget

Citizens First National Bank

Citizens First National Bank has long been a central part of many communities in North Central Illinois. Originally created in 1865, the present-day bank was born from a merger of three local banks that were all seeking to preserve the local economy after the stock market crash of October, 1929. When the modern bank opened in 1930 it had $3,000,000 in assets and $150,000 in capital. With steady growth the bank now boasts total assets in excess of $1 billion and employs over 300 staff members in 20 locations throughout the region.

• Facilitate training to ensure regulatory compliance without incurring high costs
• Facilitate tracking and reporting of training results
• Ensure ease of use
• Ensure security of sensitive data

Like many financial services companies, Citizens First National Bank faced challenges keeping staff up to date on constantly changing government regulations. Replacing its in-person and DVD training program with a next-generation eLeaP LMS solved this problem and dramatically increased the overall effectiveness of employee training.

• Eased burden of complying with government regulations regarding training
• Increase in training effectiveness as measured by comprehension and retention
Significantly reduced training costs in both dollars and manpower

Colorado CustomWare, Inc. (CCI)

Colorado CustomWare, Inc. (CCI) creates next-generation software applications to assist state and local governments in the assessment and collection of property taxes. CCI’s Encompass Suite of products offers the kind of accuracy, functionality, and efficiency that earns the esteem of overburdened government employees. Indeed, CCI’s products have been so well received that the company now boast clients in 16 states and nearly 100 jurisdictions.

• Reduce in-person training time and training-related travel expenses
• Provide clients with 24/7 access to training materials
• Ensure ease of use and cost-effectiveness

Colorado CustomWare, Inc. used eLeaP to create interactive training tools that allow clients to engage in advance preparation for in-person training sessions. Furthermore, since eLeaP is web-based, CCI’s clients are able to access, and work through, training materials at any time.

• CCI has seen an astonishing 300% ROI
• In-person training time reduced by 50%
• Nearly 50% reduction in training-related travel costs
• Greater effectiveness of training and increased client satisfaction


cPrime is a Silicon Valley company that was founded in 2003 with the goal of providing high quality IT project management services to a diverse range of business clients. The company’s success led to the creation of the cPrime Training Center which offers both onsite and online IT training and project management courses for every skill level. The cPrime Training Academy has augmented the company’s success and cPrime was recently ranked among the fastest growing companies in the U.S. by Inc 500.

• Create cost-effective, online, and on-demand training tools that provide superior ease of use for both developer and user
• Enhance Brand Recognition
• Provide superior support

cPrime augmented its instructor led classroom training programs with eLeaP enabled and hosted online training tools in order to achieve company growth and enhanced brand recognition without incurring any significant IT related costs.

• Enhanced brand recognition and improved market position
• Increased Revenue
• Significant company expansion without increased operating costs

EMS Consulting Group:

EMS Consulting Group is a management consulting firm specializing in helping client corporations to implement lean manufacturing principles. The company’s unique blend of manufacturing experience, business and financial expertise, and a “hands-on” approach has garnered a diverse client base. EMS has worked with industrial and consumer products corporations, defense and aerospace companies, and biotech and medical device companies.

• Create online, on-demand instructional media to reach an expanded client base
• Expand catalogue of available training and instructional courses
• Maintain cost-control and reduce course development costs

EMS Consulting Group turned to eLeaP in order to develop an expanded catalogue of courses that could be offered online and on-demand to a global client base. eLeaP allowed EMS to do so while keeping development and operating costs very low.

• Expansion to global client base and to clients who prefer self-paced training
• Enhanced competitive advantage
• 25% increase in public training revenues

Energy Onion:

Working to use energy efficiently and wisely is not only noble from an environmental standpoint but it also makes excellent business sense. Especially in a struggling economy, intelligent energy-use decisions can be vitally important to a company’s bottom-line. Headquartered in Maricopa, Arizona, Energy Onion is a Professional Learning and Development Company that helps individuals and company’s acquire the information and training that they need in order to the best energy-use decisions.

• Create highly professional and brand-identified on-demand training courses
• Ensure ease of use for both developer and user
• Cost-effective for a new division working to meet operating and startup budgets

Energy Onion replaced its amateurish PowerPoint presentations and webinars with sophisticated, highly professional, and cost-effective courses and training modules created with, and hosted by, eLeaP.

• More sophisticated and professional company image and stronger brand-identity
• Affiliate sign-ups increased 100%
• Time to market decreased 50%


LEAPS.TV stands for the Law Enforcement and Public Safety channel; a privately owned company offering online training for law enforcement and public safety personnel. LEAPS.TV has been in operation for just over two years and offers courses covering emergency calling, emergency management, homeland and border security, and a wide range of specific issues of importance to police, sheriffs, constables, firefighters, EMS personnel, and correctional facilities workers

• Create full suite of online courses related to law enforcement/public safety
• Ensure ease of use and cost-effectiveness
• Ensure security of training content

LEAPS.TV turned to eLeaP for the secure, hosted LMS that they needed in order to successfully develop and implement a full suite of training courses in the most cost-effective manner possible.

• Enhanced brand-recognition
• Decreased complexity in developing and delivering content
• Increased availability of high-value staff time (not worrying about online crap)
Increased revenue

Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

Merit Medical Systems, Inc. was founded in 1987 and has become a leading manufacturer of medical devices used in cardiology and radiology procedures such as angioplasty and stent placement. Headquartered in South Jordan, Utah (a suburb of Salt Lake City), Merit operates multiple manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Ireland and employs nearly 1,700 people worldwide. The Company enjoys a position of world leadership within its market sphere and is renowned for its product innovation, product quality, and customer service.

• Replace poorly maintained and ineffective internally-hosted, open-source LMS
• Allow on-demand, remote training of world-wide workforce.
• Facilitate rapid deployment and simple updating of complex training materials
• Eliminate demand for system monitoring and maintenance

Merit Medical Systems used an internally hosted learning management system that consumed a significant amount of IT staff time and provided poor service to its remote users. The company gained greater ease, efficiency, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness by replacing this poorly maintained system with the eLeaP LMS.

• IT hardware savings of tens of thousands of dollars in just one year
• Training course development savings of thousands of dollars per year
• Convenience and ease of use for world-wide staff
• IT staff able to devote time to more vital company projects

Compliance Point

CompliancePoint is a leader in the consulting services field, specializing in compliance consulting, audit and training services. In their third year of business, the Duluth, Ga.-based company specializing in two areas—Global Direct Marketing Compliance and Information Security Compliance. Through the Global Direct Marketing Compliance Practice, it offers consulting, audit and training services to create guidelines and procedures to establish compliance with relevant consumer marketing legislation, monitor and enforce compliance, guarantee that employees follow procedures, and to minimize exposure to liability. Its Information Security Compliance Practice is a leading information risk management group that helps safeguard client information assets and protects critical technology infrastructure.

• Provide clients with an easy-to-use training format that is cost effective
• Implement a system backed with excellent support that offers many features
• Take advantage of a hosted program that offers the flexibility of scalability

Telania’s secure, web-based eLeaP software-as-a-service solution provided CompliancePoint with the easy-to-use learning management system (LMS) they required. It provided the ability to customize the tool to meet their client’s needs, allowing the client to efficiently train their employees while maintaining the necessary reports to demonstration compliance.

• Enhanced reputation in the marketplace, with clients that are now fully compliant
• Increased number of service offerings to clients
• Client training efforts that are much more efficient and delivered in a consistent manner

Oyster Learning:

Oyster Learning was established in 2006 and is headquartered in the thriving Indian business area of Noida, located about 12 miles southeast of New Delhi. The rapidly developing Indian economy has created an explosion in the demand for workers with new and sophisticated employment skills and Oyster Learning was created to help meet this need. The company has developed a highly successful business model whereby it works in partnership with educational and corporate institutions to provide instruction and training in various high-demand employment skills.

• Provide consistent, accurate, and high-quality instruction and training
• Provide accurate and useful feed-back and assessment
• Serve larger group of clients while reducing operating cost

Oyster Learning turned to the eLeaP LMS to replace its inefficient and inconsistent classroom training sessions with secure, web-based training modules. With eLeaP, Oyster Learning is able to assure the highest quality and consistency in all of its programs, and trainees enjoy on-demand access from anywhere.

• Consistency and accuracy in all instruction and assessment
• Increased effectiveness of training and increased student satisfaction
• Increased enrollment in training programs and increased revenue


PrimeLending was established in 1986 with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company showed immediate strength—with its staff of 20 producing approximately $80 million in annual closed loan volume. In the years since, PrimeLending has enjoyed phenomenal growth. It now boasts a staff of more than 1,600 working in nearly 200 branches across the county and producing in excess of $5.75 billion in annual revenues.

• Dramatically reduce ballooning employee and management training costs
• Enable rapid updating of training modules to mirror industry & regulatory changes
• Facilitate compliance with government demands to document training
• Allow easy scalability as company continues to expand

PrimeLending implemented Telania’s secure, web-based eLeaP™ Learning Management System (LMS) in order to provide new-employee training for all of its personnel and to provide ongoing training and instruction in order to ensure that all staff are up to date on changes in the industry and in government regulations.

• 75% reduction in training costs
• Improved effectiveness of training and ensured that staff were up to date
• Eased compliance with Federal regulations on employee training
• Enhanced staff confidence in their knowledge and in PrimeLending’s support of them

Regency Office Products

Regency Office Products is the fastest growing independent office products company in the nation. They provide a Total Office Solution, offering general office supplies; ink and toner; technology; furniture design, layout and installation; printing and promotional products; and much more. The company’s growth has been built upon creativity and innovation, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to the highest standards of customer service.

• Reduce employee training time and expense
• Increase training effectiveness and retention of information
• Provide self-training options that are easy for all employees to use
• Ensure security of all company information and training materials

Regency Office Products replaced all of its costly, time consuming, and ineffective in-person training programs with Telania’s secure, web-based eLeaP™ Learning Management System (LMS/LCMS) in order to allow employees to efficiently train themselves.

• Dramatically reduced training costs
• Employees possess greater knowledge of Regency product lines and services
• Single training source for all employees and for multiple topics
• Recouped management staff time

Stadium Food and Beverage, Inc.

Stadium Food and Beverage, Inc. is the sole provider of food and beverages at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina—a 73,000 seat, open-air facility that is home to the Carolina Panthers NFL franchise. Stadium Food and Beverage keeps food quality high and customer waiting time low by servicing a large number of concession points of sale. In fact, while the average stadium offers one point of sale for every 300 individuals, Stadium Food and Beverage provides one point of sale for every 178 visitors to Bank of America Stadium; which amounts to 410 separate concession areas.

• Increase training efficiency and effectiveness for large, seasonal work-force
• Reduce on-site training demands
• Facilitate rapid training review for experienced employees
• Increase employee satisfaction with training

Stadium Food and Beverage began offering online training through the eLeaP LMS in addition to its on-site training sessions. Using eLeaP, workers can complete training sessions at their convenience and experienced workers can review training materials without attending on-site sessions.

• Reduced training cost
• Reduced on-site training
• Increased training effectiveness and employee satisfaction

Washington County Hospital and Nursing Home:

Located in Chatom, Alabama, Washington County Hospital and Nursing Home has been serving this rural county in southwest Alabama for more than 50 years. It is the sole institutional healthcare provider in the county and serves the citizens of the community with quality acute and long-term care. Washington County Hospital and Nursing Home features modern hospital services, nursing home care, board certified primary care, and visiting specialty physicians.

• Ensure excellent training and mastery of all mission critical processes.
• Provide efficient, convenient, and cost-effective alternative to in-person training
• Facilitate compliance with regulations and statutes governing health-care industry

Washington County Hospital and Nursing Home replaced its outmoded classroom training procedures with eLeaP’s secure, web-based, and highly cost-effective learning management system in order to improve training effectiveness and efficiency while also easing compliance with government regulations.

• Vastly reduced burden of ensuring and demonstrating compliance with government regulations and statutes
• Increased effectiveness for key employees
• Improved mastery of mission critical processes and decreased exposure to risk
• Effective cost containment