Automatic Notifications, Feedback Forms, Assessments, Forums, Single Sign on, API’s

eLeaP automatically does your training management. It can send out course and event invitations, as well as issue reminders, document results, and collect feedback. eLeaP also integrates with your HRIS, API’s and other corporate tools.

Observation Checklists

An observation checklist is a productivity tool that allows organizations to observe and document the progress of learners and team members. If you want a consistent, organized and easy way to improve skills and proficiency documentation, the eLeaP Observation Checklist tool is what you need.


eLeaP™ can automatically notify users when they are added to the eLeaP™ system, when they are assigned to courses, and when deadlines for their courses are getting close.


With eLeaP™, administrators can create and require course feedback forms. Course-specific forums and white-board spaces can be enabled to allow your users to interact in an informal setting. Providing a place where discussions and exchanges of ideas can take place is a powerful tool for your organization. Your next million-dollar idea might start here!


An important part of online training is being able to assess how well your students are learning the material. eLeaP™ provides a flexible way to do this, with many customizable features.


Discussions are an important component of any reputable training program. Use the Forum system in eLeaP to quickly create discussions groups, topics and manage the conversation. Your information stays private and secure and does not end up on Facebook.

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