Training tracking software is a must-have organizational business tool for any company that places importance on training and developing its employees. Having a software system which allows any business or organization to embrace its training program and retain control and records throughout the process is a net gain for that organization. Training tracking software passes on several benefits to organizations . Discover at least four ways businesses walk away on the winning side when they use training tracking software in their organization.

Training Tracking Software

It’s well and good to rely on vague impressions of how well a training program is working. Basing your impression on word of mouth and your own subjective observations, however, is just one way of approaching things. Can you afford to take such a lax attitude to the critical area of assessing the efficacy of your company’s training program, when the very profitability of your company could be on the line? Today, data drives business more than ever before and this also holds true for tracking training. Fortunately, eLeaP makes training tracking easy. Get free professional help to track training when you create your free trial account.


eLeaP’s training tracking software ensures that tracking the progress of your workforce is absolutely straightforward. eLeaP’s training tracking software enables you to create individual training courses from your own files, manage the people who are assigned to each course, as well as tracking, measuring, comparing and organizing their training initiatives. The eLeaP tracking training software will also automatically generate lengthy and detailed reports to help you further analyse the performance of your staff. In short, it’s the perfect package to monitor, gauge and guide your employees’ training throughout the time that they’re with your organization.


And you don’t have to be an IT expert to set up eLeaP or train with it. eLeaP is designed to be easy to use for even the most technically challenged members of your workforce. If you can operate a keyboard and a mouse then you can operate eLeaP.

And we don’t tie you to prohibitive long-term contracts. Agree your own personal payment plan with us that suits your needs, and that ensure your business only pays for what it needs to receive.

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