If you run a business, then you know all too well that employee training can be expensive and logistically difficult to implement, especially if your primary way of doing it is through the traditional instructor-led face-to-face classroom method. Now is the time to discover how eLeaP’s online training software can take all the headaches and hassles out of creating, organizing and delivering the learning and training courses your company needs its employees to take, while at the same time providing massive financial savings. You won’t need to pay instructors or their travel expenses. You won’t have to pay for physical space to conduct training sessions. You won’t have to pay travel expenses for your employees to attend learning sessions. And you won’t take them away from their job to sit in a classroom for hours on end. If your company’s competitors are in the same boat, adopting online training software can be the easiest way to gain a competitive advantage, not to mention boost your bottom line.

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What can online training software do for your organization? Besides the benefits already mentioned above of saving you a lot of time and money, eLeaP offers your company a quick and easy way to create online training courses perfectly tailored to your unique requirements because you can incorporate your company’s existing learning content files. You can upload PowerPoint files, PDFs, pictures, audio content, videos, SCORM fles and many other file types to build your own personalized courses. If even that much sounds overwhelming to you, send all your files to eLeaP and we’ll happily create courses for you. Our online training package really does save you time and money while creating a sophisticated package of learning resources to meet your company’s learning needs.

Collaborative learning is a vital focus at eLeaP through online training designed to be both fun and sophisticated. We incorporate discussion forums and chat groups to build a learning community and culture at your company, all the while providing plenty of surveys, quizzes and other assessments to you know how well your employees are learning the material.

We’ve also come up with pricing model at eLeaP that can work with nearly any budget, and especially when you realize how much time and money you’ll save by organizing your training courses with automatically issued invitations, results tracking and collecting feedback from employees. Simply put, eLeaP training software delivers value in the form of reliable and flexible eLearning that translates into big savings over traditional approaches.

Another benefit is that you don’t need an IT expert to install, operate, troubleshoot, update or train your employees on how to use eLeaP. You won’t need any IT support at all. There is no need for IT assistance, no consultants, no installations, no contracts, and no long-term commitment. eLeaP’s web-based online training software is incredibly easy to use, but powerful enough to meet all your company’s learning management needs. It’s extremely easy to try it out with a free 30-day no-obligation trial to see for yourself how it can help your company achieve its learning objectives. But if you’re still skeptical, be sure to take our free video tour to see how it works.

eLeaP™ Training Software LMS Quick Tour

This Quick Overview of eLeaP online training software will show you some of the compelling and easy-to-use features available. This will enable you to quickly decide if eLeaP is something you want to take a closer look at through a free trial or live demonstration.