ILT Instructor-Led Training Tracking, Schedule and Courses:

Some learning happens best in a physical, classroom environment. Or perhaps you have a legacy training system that you need to integrate with your online learning. Whatever the situation, when your training occurs in the classroom, it would be nice to track your users, completion, and feedback for those courses in the same way that you already do for your online eLeaP courses.

The ILT Module provides that service. By adding the new “Manage Events” feature, you can set up, assign users to, schedule, and enroll trainees in classroom trainings from within your eLeaP account. You’ll be able to create the same type of completion reports for Events as you currently do for Courses, making it easy to keep supervisors informed about who showed up to training. Try it free today.

The ILT Module also allows for self-enrollment. Administrators can schedule an event or seminar and make it publicly visible on an Events Calendar. Trainees who are interested in their ongoing career and personal development can then enroll in those Events that suit their interests, skills, and schedule. The Events Calendar is available on ILT-enabled accounts which have chosen to allow public enrollment. An example of the Events Calendar can be viewed at:

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Events Enrollment

Manage Event Status


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