Create Online Courses Using eLeaP LMS

Quickly, Easily Create Online Courses In 3 Steps

The eLeaP™ Learning Management Software system turns the complexity of online training into a manageable and straightforward task with easy-to-learn tools and flexible design components. Create training courses with easy course listings, pre-requisites, interactive tools, assessments, feedback forms, release rules and much much more. You can also contact our experts should you have custom course development needs.


eLeaP™ allows you to design and create sophisticated training courses that consist of Chapters and Lessons. You can also create evaluation quizzes and tests. With this powerful yet simple system, you can structure your course navigation path using minimum time frames, or enforce strict progression rules. All in all, this is one system which ensures you meet compliance and continuing education requirements. If it’s good enough for the IRS, we believe it is good enough for your organization.



eLeaP™ supports a wide range of file types and presentation media.

  • SCORM: eLeaP™ is fully compatible with SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004, and is ready to accept your existing SCORM courses.
  • Flash: If you have recorded a presentation in Flash format (.swf, .flv), eLeaP™ can incorporate this into your lessons.
  • Video/Audio: eLeaP™ supports any type of embeddable web-based video, including YouTube videos. You can also upload video files directly from your computer (.mpg, .mpeg, .mov, .wmv, .mp3, .mp4, .m4v).
  • PowerPoint: You can upload a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation for your students to download and review, or you can import your presentation through the use of a Flash or SCORM conversion program.
  • More: Have another file type that you would like to use? eLeaP™ can handle it.


After you have created and uploaded your courses, launching them is easy with eLeaP™. Alternatively, you can get courses from our eLearning courses library to go live even faster.

  • Assign users to a course with the click of a button, either as individuals or in a batch using our Excel template.
  • Create deadlines for course completion, set up automatic reminders, and receive non-completion notifications.
  • Apply time limits to individual lessons.
  • Allow quiz retakes, or not – it’s up to you!


Track, manage and learn from your training results.

  • You can use eLeaP™ to create and deliver course completion certificates.
  • Track how many users have completed a course, how well they did on tests, and user feedback and comments.
  • View and export PDF/Excel-compatible reports of user activity for each course.