No one knows the importance of company training more than those that franchise their business model. The whole franchise concept is built on the foundation of establishing a firm set of operational procedures that are carried out in the same way at each franchised unit so that customers know they will have the same experience at each location of the chain. In the Digital Era of the 21st century, any company that franchises should be delivering a good deal of its training via eLearning, which in turn means finding and adopting a learning management system (LMS) that is affordable, scalable, and customizable. eLeaP is an LMS that works very well with the franchise model of business to deliver training quickly and efficiently to franchisees.

franchise training system

eLearning and Franchises

Franchisors have a number of unique training and development requirements that need to be addressed, including the following:

eLeaP Addresses Franchise Training Challenges

The items outlined above are just highlights of some of the ways franchise operations require training. It can feel overwhelming, but the good news is that eLeaP offers franchisors a training system that can be tailored to fit unique needs, is scalable, and can be easily translated across a diverse range of geographic locations. The eLeaP solution includes the following array of benefits to franchise businesses:

“eLeaP has permitted our small technical staff to focus on other projects that are more unique and critical to our line of business, while knowing that the learning management system is fully functional and meeting our internal customer needs.”—Lincoln Cannon, Director of Web Systems at Merit Medical

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