An intuitive course builder

Upload any file or use editor to create

Managing sophisticated training programs can be complex so we designed eLeaP to be simple yet streamlined so you can quickly design, create, launch and manage all your learning and development. Quickly upload any file type including SCORM, videos, audio, PowerPoints, PDF’s, YouTube, Vimeo and more with powerful version control built right in. See a short quick tour.

All the tools you need to create and customize your training

Design and create sophisticated training courses that utilizing gamification, chapters, lessons, glossaries, flip cards, FAQ’s, surveys, observation checklists, YouTube, Vimeo clips, social learning, feedback tools, completion certificates, and CEUs. You can also create evaluation quizzes and tests. You can structure your course navigation path using minimum time frames, or enforce strict progression rules.

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Advanced training engagement

Instructor-led, OJT, CEU’s, assessments, surveys or automatic

Continuing Education (CEU’s), remote staff training, On-the-Job Training (OJT), in-person classes, or e-learning courses are all tracked in eLeaP. Schedule, track, document all types of training with powerful automatic notifications, smart rules, surveys and reporting. eLeaP is a validated system for regulated training so your reports can be trusted.

Comprehensive reports for everything you need

Automatically compile information on the number Courses, Lessons, and Learning Paths for training review. Both active and inactive courses can be included in the reports. Be sure to check out Quick Stats to see a visual report of your course statistics.

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  • eLeaP LMS app - average quiz score report
  • eLeaP LMS app - quiz results report
  • eLeaP LMS app - quiz results report

User & organization management

Manage everything you need related to your account

For organizations with multiple locations or departments, the eLeaP Enterprise system enables easy multi-account management. Consultants looking to manage multiple clients can benefit from the Enterprise system.

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Stay compliant with industry regulations

Use eLeaP’s validated LMS features ready for implementation

21 CFR Part 11 is a set of regulations that apply to electronic records and electronic signatures. A learning management system (LMS) that is compliant with CFR Part 11 ensures that your electronic records and signatures are secure and trustworthy. This is especially important for businesses in industries that are heavily regulated, such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnical research, contract manufacturers and medical devices, as it helps them to meet their compliance obligations and avoid potential penalties. With a CFR Part 11 compliant LMS, you can be confident that your electronic records are reliable and can be trusted.

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Easy to customize, extend & integrate with your other systems

Customize it according to your brand, extend it or integrate it with your other systems

Access to more than 1,900 pre-built courses for your business

Quickly access thousands of video training courses or training course packages with a customized library of topics ranging from health, safety, HR compliance, communication skills, PC skills, leadership, customer service, team building, management, and supervision.

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