Innovative and Easy-to-use Learning Management System, People Management Platform

Ideal for diverse organizational needs

Our learning management software system and people management platform are flexible, validated, adaptable and customizable – and so easy to use they can be up and running in no time with no special training. Schedule a free session with one of our solution experts.

Comprehensive training management

Manage all your training materials and programs in one easy-to-use but sophisticated platform. From Smart Assigning rules to customized Learning Paths, Skills and Competencies, Observation Assessments, On-the-Job Training, E-signatures, Revision control and more, eLeaP provides you a pain-free means of managing your training as well as your people success programs. Combine this with world-class support and experience success.

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eLeaP Learning Management System and People Success Platform

Extensive reports for everything you need

From Course activity reports to User completion reports, instantly access detailed insights on your training program. Need to send reports to other stakeholders? eLeaP provides you the tools to share and schedule reports as needed which saves you time and keeps you in compliance. Quick stats to help users stay informed.

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Elevate team success with agility, alignment and engagement

Our People Success Platform is a comprehensive system designed to optimize team performance and development. It integrates advanced performance management including 360 reviews, goal/OKR tracking, check-ins, with learning management, to align team efforts with organizational objectives. The platform enhances individual and team engagement, offering adaptive solutions for diverse organizational sizes.

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  • Effective 360 Performance Reviews in eLeaP People Success Platform
  • Task management, Weekly Status made easy in eLeaP People Success Platform
  • Surveys, eNPS, Pulse surveys made easy in eLeaP People Success Platform

Start selling your courses right away

The eCommerce LMS System enables any organization to turn their courses into on-demand training content for sale online. Simply upload, set your price, add discount coupons or affiliate marketing and launch.

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Access 1,900+ pre-built courses for your organization

Quickly access thousands of video training courses or training course packages with a customized library of topics ranging from health, safety, HR compliance, communication skills, PC skills, leadership, customer service, team building, management, and supervision.

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You’re the center of our values of simplicity, innovation and trust

Our learning management software system is flexible, validated, adaptable and customizable – and so easy to use it can be up and running in a matter of minutes with no special training. Our People Management Platform empowers organizations to build highly engaged and productive teams to drive performance and results. eLeaP is a not just web-based learning solution, it is a powerful people success platform with a sophisticated user interface, allowing both technical and non-technical managers to create, manage and track interactive training courses and learning programs as well as performance reviews, goals and OKRs, check-ins and 1-on-1s, surveys and more for all levels of users. eLeaP’s training tracking software can also be used to register and track classroom training or instructor-led training as well as deliver continuing education credits.

Designed to fit any organization, big or small, eLeaP has the sophistication favored by big companies – with a price that fits the budget of smaller organizations.

The eLeaP training system is very user-friendly, and it significantly improved our current training process. The thing that was most impressive to me was the customer service. It’s very rare that a CEO would take the time to sit with a client and help them with their every need.

Nate Barin

- Halozyme Therapeutics, Inc.

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Employee engagement for maximum productivity

Employees must be engaged to be most effective and productive. Using a customizable e-learning system that provides relevant employee training will better engage staff, with the potential to increase productivity and revenue. It’s been estimated that nearly 25% of all employees leave their job because there simply aren’t enough training or learning opportunities. Many organizations also realize that aligning organizational goals with performance management leads to better outcomes and more engaged and thriving employees.

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