The eLeaP™ LMS provides robust, automated Smart Assigning rules and flexible reporting features. Improve your courses over time by incorporating report information with feedback from users. All reports can be exported to Excel (Quick Stats are exported in PDF) with one easy click, or use API to integrate reporting with HRIS. You will have access to graphic representations of your daily user count, course completion percentages, and quiz results percentages, in addition to a variety of report-type statistics. Want to share or schedule reports for stakeholders, no worries, check out report scheduling.

LMS Course stats, overview

Custom Fields & Smart Assigning

Use the powerful eLeaP Custom fields creator to add specific data points required for reports in your organization. Then use our Smart Assigning tool to micro or macro target specific users, user groups or profiles to delivered specific trainings too. Our IF/THEN system makes smart assigning easy.

User and User Group Reports

View at-a-glance the number of Users, Administrators, Instructors, Managers, Supervisors, Trainees, or User Groups, and see activity information for that user type.

User Group activity reports

Courses Reports

Automatically compile information on the number Courses, Lessons, and Learning Paths for training review. Both active and inactive courses can be included in the reports. Be sure to check out Quick Stats to see a visual report of your course statistics. Also see other system reports.

Forum Reports

Keep records on the activity in your Forum. You can easily identify hot topics among your users, and review available categories for completeness.

HDD Reports

The HDD Reports can give you comprehensive information about:

Feedback, HDD reports

Each Report Type displays the number of files and the hard drive space taken up by that file type. Manage your storage space needs automatically.

Feedback Reports

If you have enabled user feedback for your courses, eLeaP can collate the accumulated information and present it for quick, easy review. Track courses with active feedback forms and view all user feedback in one place.

Training records made easy with eLeaP

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