Quick Stats for your LMS

Video Transcription

Hello and welcome to eLeaP. My name is Don, President of the company. I’m excited to announce a new feature we call “stats”. Within each course, simply click on a course, and within the course menu, you will see your completion report. Nothing’s changed there. We’ve added new feature called “Stats”. Click on Stats. What it does is it lets you see a deep insight into what’s going on within that particular course. A very, very great, beautiful summary that lets you see completion statuses in a visual format that can be downloaded. Simply click “export to PDF” and you will see it as data in a beautiful PDF format that you can share with the rest of your team.

What’s neat and what I’m really excited about with the stats is that it now gives you a quick visual that lets you really be able to get into how well your course is being utilized … Average course and the like. Also, we have put now at your fingertips, if you will, the questions that give your users the most trouble. Okay. Now, you can switch over to your quiz tab and easily make adjustments to questions because maybe the way incorrectly or improperly formatted. It helps improve the experience of your users.

Now, we just didn’t stop at Course Stats. Okay? We added Stats to User Groups. Again, you go to your User Groups tab. Simply click on the User Group and you would see the Stats tab. Click on that and you are going to get detailed stats for that particular user group. Remember, a user group is simply a collection of individuals. They could be by job title, by job location, who reports to what, and by providing this information, we now give you your supervisors, managers, what not, information about their team. Okay?

They can go in there and see what’s going on with my team. Has my sales team training been completed by my sales team? How is my marketing team doing? How about the front office staff, customer service, and so on and so forth? When I can get this information in detail, I can see what percentage did not make the cut, what percentage passed, the average score, room to improve, and the like.

Switch over here from User Group to User Group to get more information about other user groups. Over here on the left, you can select different Courses to get information. It’s in addition to this improvement, we’ve made navigation super easy to be able to move from course to course, user group to user group. We did not stop there.

Over at your Training Path tab, that if you click on a Training Path, you will see now that you’ve got a stats tab right over there. Click on the Stats tab. Again, we are giving you this data right there. In addition to the data, we are going to show you now which Courses are contributing to this Completion Stat that you see here. We know that none of our users has completed the training. We know people are in progress. 80%, or 8, of them. We know why this is, because 50% have completed Business Management 101. 0% completed this particular course. So on and so forth.

Think about this as a quick and easy way to get data. If you get a call, management wants to find out how your training is going, this gives you a quick and easy way to get that data. You can simply click “export PDF” and print that out, email it, what not at a click of a button. How easy is that? How cool is that?

As usual, feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to getting your feedback. We are excited about this feature. We hope that you are going to get maximum benefit out of it. Thanks so much. Please call us, email us, come online to chat and ask questions anytime.