LMS Course Notes and Memos

Video Transcription

Here is an introduction to a new feature we have added called – [Course Notes and Memos]. Course Notes for short.

To get to your Course Notes, go to the course details page, and click the [notes] link.

On the Course Notes & Memos page, click the [add new note] link to create a new note for the specific course you are managing.

A course note can consist of simple text or you can also upload a file to further enhance the course note. To upload a file, click the [upload a file with this note] link. Make sure to click [submit] to add your course note.

To see all course notes in your account, click the [all notes] link. Remember, you can also search for specific notes or use the filtering option to select a specific course to see associated course notes.

To conclude this quick tutorial, to see all files used in your course notes, go to your Reports tab, scroll down to the HDD reports section and click on the [Files in Course Notes and Memos] link. You can also download your course notes by clicking the [export to excel] link.

As usual, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.