LMS Auto Timeout

Video Transcription

Here is a tutorial about inactivity logout. Use the LMS Auto Timeout feature to comply with rigorous training and compliance needs, for example, 21 CFR Part 11.

You start on the [Company Profile] page and Edit Profile. Then you scroll down. You see here, you can set it to however many minutes you would like for it to timeout after the system is inactive for. We recommend using something reasonable, maybe 15 minutes. For this purpose we’re going to use one minute (illustration only), so save it, and after the system does not have any¬†activity for a minute, you’ll see a prompt pop up at the top middle of the screen.

Now that the prompt has shown up, if the user does not click here on the blue link that says, “Click here,” they’ll be logged out of the system after a 30-second buffer.

Be sure to let eLeaP LMS know your feedback on this and other features we continue to release.