How to upload and embed training courses

Video Transcription

Hello and welcome to eLeaP. In this tutorial, we will be uploading files and embedding them directly into your LMS lessons. Super easy to do, and it gets you up and running very, very quickly. To get started, what we want to do is go over here, click upload file, browse, and I’m just gonna go ahead and start with a PDF file, so there it is. Make sure you check this box that says embed below. Very, very important and then click upload file. Your file gets uploaded and it will get converted and embedded in the system.

So, once you have uploaded, give it a few seconds, maybe 30 seconds or so and you can just go ahead and refresh and other things being equal, your presentation should be embedded in the system just like that. All right. Great. Let’s go ahead and try a PowerPoint file. So, again, upload and let’s find a PowerPoint file. Let’s see. Which do we want to use? Let’s use this one right here. Okay. Same process. Go ahead and make sure you check the embed below and click upload file and just let the system do its magic.

All right, so let’s go ahead and refresh and take a look at this again. There’s our file right there. Super easy. Okay. Let’s try something else. Let’s try a Word document. So, once again, we will browse and there’s a word document. Make sure you check the box to embed if you want it to appear. Again, that’s the only reason you check this. If you don’t want it to appear within the page like so, don’t worry about checking this box and let’s upload again. Give it a few minutes again, a few seconds to a minute or so and let it provide the converted file and embed that in your page for you.

¬†All right, so there’s our Word document that we uploaded successfully. So, again, it is super easy. We can continue on with Excel, but just see how super easy it is to upload documents into the eLeaP Learning Management System and of course, once you’re ready to review, simply go to your course. Click on preview and you will be able to preview this in your browser showing you all of the files that you just uploaded, so thanks so much for watching and if you’ve got any questions, feel free to contact us.