How to hide inactive courses and inactive users

Video Transcription

Hello, there. And welcome to eLeaP. This is Don, and I’m excited to share with you guys some news about new features implemented in the eLeaP Learning Management System. So, it turns out, that there might be some inactive courses that, for whatever reason, need to be maintained, but not necessarily being utilized on an active, everyday basis. We have introduced an option for you to hide all inactive courses as you work through your list.

So simply, go to your “Courses” tab, click on “Hide inactive”, and now, only active training courses will be displayed for you. You can go through several different pages, and you will see only your active courses. Should you want to revert and show all courses, including Inactives, simply click on the “Show inactive”, and you’ll be back to your regular listings. That’s one.

Number two is [Users], and having the option to either hide inactive users or show inactive users. To simply hide inactive users, you want to click on “Hide inactive”, and now ELIP simply hides all of your inactive users, and they don’t bother you. They don’t show up in the … For example, your course Completion reports, if I go to a course Completion report, I can suddenly just focus in on only active users. I’m looking for a course that has some activity, here. Excuse me. It seems to me like I should search for one. Here we go. All right. Again, I’ve got 21 active assigned users. If I go to my Completion Report, you would see that these are all showing only active users.

These are two nifty features we have unveiled, and they’re designed to help you organize your account better. Again, just simply click on “Show inactive”, and once more, all of your users, including Inactives, are shown. And, of course, if you do go to “Courses”, you will be able to see all users, including inactive users.

Thanks so much. As usual, feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Thank you.