How to assign Observation Checklists

Video Transcription

Hello, and welcome to eLeaP LMS. In our last vide, we looked at how to create your Observation Assessment Course in your learning management system, and how to add your statements in there.

In this video, we are going to be looking at how to assign LMS observation assessments so that they make sense and actually work for your organization. So, here’s a little bit of a background. Observation Assessments need to be done in person, so you as the Admin can either do this, or you can have a Supervisor do the observation assessment, okay?

Now, how does it work with Supervisors? Well, remember Supervisors are folks that have already been created in your account and have been associated with specific user groups. Very important, the Supervisor has to be assigned or added to a user group to manage that user group for them to be able to use the observation assessment tool for their particular group. So, that’s important.

All right. So, let me go over to my course home here, I’m just gonna go ahead and activate this course so I can assign it out. Now, of course, as an Admin you can just assign it to individuals without having to assign two user groups. So, you just go in there, select names of individuals, and just hit Add Selected and that’s it. That’s all you do to basically assign a course to those particular users.

But, if you do want to have a Supervisor help you do this, then it is important to go to the user groups. To Assign User Groups right over there, and click assign new user groups. At this point, you want to make sure that the user group that you assigning too, that particular observation is one that has a Supervisor associated with it.

So, in this particular case, I have one over here and I’m gonna go ahead and click Add Selected. Now, what happens is this, when you send this assessment to a Supervisor who has management oversight rights over our user group they will get an email. They will be notified of this particular pending assessment so that they can go in there and perform the assessments.

So, it’s important to, one, make sure your assessment checklist is completed and ready to be assessed. Then two, to then assign it to that particular user group so the instructor can go in there and be able to perform that particular assessment. All right.

So, this is the assessment phase on our next video we will look at the actual performing of an assessment in the system.