How to access/download reports

Video Transcription

Hello and welcome to eLeaP. In this video we’re going to give you a quick walk through of the reports page.

So the first I’ll do is select the report link from the main menu. Now this page provides a lot of valuable data.

In addition to graphic representations of your daily user count, your course completion percentages, and your quiz results percentages, there are a number of other very useful report statistics displayed on this page.

You can access reports like the number of users that you have simply by clicking the link here. You can access your user groups reports and notice that on these pages, I also have the option to export these reports to Excel by clicking this link here. If I wanted I could download the complete user activity using this link here.

I can view my courses report like the number of lessons I have and you can see all the different lessons I have here.

I can view reports and statistics for the media files contained within my lessons and you can see here I have a list of all the file names as well as the title of the lesson it’s included in, the course title and size information over here and then I can view my feedback reports which is really useful when I’m trying to improve my courses based on my students or trainees input.

So you can see I can click here to see feedback from my users. Currently I don’t have any users that have left feedback at the moment but if I did I could export that information to Excel using this link here and if I like I can check to see which courses I have that offer feedback forms and you can see here that I currently have 12 courses that offer that feedback potential.

So be sure to check out the reports page for quick access to valuable information about your student performance and user activity within the system. Thanks for watching. If you have any additional questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us.