Access, download Quiz results and Grading Center

Video Transcription

Hello and welcome to eLeaP. Through the quiz results section of our application, you can learn how well your trainees or students are doing.

The first thing I’ll do is navigate to Quiz Results at the top of the page and then I can view quiz results for any individual course that I’ve assigned. I’ll select this course for now. Here I can see the quiz results details.

To get a summary of the quiz results, I can select the Quiz Results Summary link here and you can see that gives me a quick visual summary of how my students fared on this particular quiz. I can also export these results to Excel using the Export to Excel link here or on the quiz results details page.

If you need to grade certain types of subjective quiz questions like short essays, hot spot type questions or other subjective material, you can do so in the Grading Center sub tab. Here I can select the question that I’d like to grade. I can ensure that I’ve entered in the right information. Then I can click submit.

To reset quiz results for any user, select the user that you’d like to reset results for by clicking the check box next to their name in the Quiz Results tab. Then click the delete selected results link here.

Lastly, to review SCORM results, click the SCORM results sub tab. Here I can see the results for each of my SCORM courses.

I can get more information for each course by clicking on the name. You’ll notice that the results section here is very similar to the quiz results section that we looked at a moment ago. If desired, I can export a report from the SCORM results to Excel by clicking this link here.

Thanks for watching. If you have any additional questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.