How Admins perform Observation Assessments

Video Transcription

Hello and welcome to eLeaP Learning Management System. In our last video, we looked at how to assign an observation checklist course to either yourself as the administrator or to a supervisor for assessment. Now, I’m assuming that you’ve assigned this to both. Now, in this video, we are going to look at what happens for both an end user, supervisor, and an admin in terms of performing the actual assessment.

You go over to your completion report here as an admin and you will see the list of assigned users and you will also see this new column called Observation Assessment. Now, it says here that they all “Start, Start, Start.” What that basically means is that all of these assigned users have not had their assessment done. To be able to perform the assessment, you simply click on the name of the user, the Start button next to the name of the user, and then that opens up this particular assessment page.

What you simply do at this point, and again you can do this on a mobile device, on an iPad, on a laptop, what have you, is then to start performing this assessment. Remember, this is an in-person assessment. Do they display their license above the waist, yes or no? Yes. Is the forklift six inches above the ground when traveling? Well, they do it sometimes but not all the time, so I’m gonna give him four stars. Are seat belts worn during the forklift operation? Sometimes they do, sometimes not, so I’m gonna give him a good.

Again, this is the custom point system that lets you decide what is a point value. I’m gonna give him an eight out of 10. Again, do they sound horn? No. Observed they did not do that. Do they wear authorized gloves? Yeah, I did see them do that. Do they use the approved cage? Nah, nah, not as good. Then, of course, did they remove freight from forklift site? Yes, I did see them do that. I’m gonna give them a 10. Then you just hit “Save Assessment” and they get a score right there.

 Now, remember, an observation assessment is not going to give you a pass or fail. That’s not the goal of this. This is to give you a score and then you obviously can interpret it in your organization based on your criteria. If you do start an observation assessment and, let’s say, you need to go somewhere, you can certainly just hit “Save This Assessment” and what that will do is it will basically set that particular assessment as an In Progress assessment. When you come back, your previously assessed statements will still be there saved for you. You can continue performing the assessment. Again, if you need to leave, just hit “Save This Assessment” and the assessment will save that for you.

This is how you perform an assessment as an admin.