How to create Course quizzes in your LMS Account

Video Transcription

Hello, and welcome to eLeaP. In this quick video we’re going to show you how to edit and manage your course quizzes. The first thing I’ll do navigate to courses at the top of the screen and then I’ll choose the course that I’d like to edit. Next, I’ll select the quiz sub tab. This will allow me to see the quiz screen for this course. Please keep in mind that you can filter quizzes by question type and you can also filter by whether a quiz is active or not. Once you’ve made your selections, simply click filter to see the quizzes that meet the criteria you’ve selected. eLeaP encourages you to create pre and post course assessment, measuring trainee performance enables you to evaluate the full impact of your e-learning training program. To create a new question select the add new question link and then select the question type. You can choose multiple choice or true or false, sequence, or sort, order, or ranking, essay, short answer or explanation questions, multiple choice with explanation questions, or the hot spot find errors option.

I’ll start by creating a multiple choice or true false question. First I’ll enter in my question, I’ll assign a difficulty level using this drop down, and if needed I can even upload an image using this link here and then choosing the file from my computer. For now, I’ll proceed to enter the possible answer options. Please note that you can add up to six possible answers for multiple choice questions, and then I need to select which answer is correct. Please note that you can also upload images for each individual and you can also give feedback based on whether the question is answered correctly or incorrectly. I’ll click submit. Here you can see that this new question has been added and I can edit it by clicking on it if needed. I can also select which questions are active or inactive within the course and if desired I can delete a question by clicking the delete link next to it. To add a different type of question I simply need to navigate to add new question once again and then select the type of question I’d like to enter and input the requested information. Thanks for watching. If you have any additional questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us.