How to create Courses

Video Transcription

Hello and welcome to eLeaP, in this quick video we’re going to show you how you can edit your course details. The first thing we’ll do is navigate to courses in the Main Menu tab at the top, and then I’m going to click on one of my course’s names. You’ll notice that the Course Home tab is selected by default. The Course Home tab shows the Course Outline as well as the Course Tools. Please note that chapters and lessons can also be created and edited on this page. From here, I can choose to delete this course, I can duplicate this course using this link and this is particularly helpful if a majority of the course’s details will be similar to any additional courses that I’d like to create. I can duplicate this course and not have to start from scratch.

If I’d like to edit the course details I can click this link and you see that I can edit the specifics for this course. Please note this is the same page and set up as when you create a new course. For now, I’ll go back to the previous page and keep in mind that if you’d like to see additional details for this course, you can click this More link down here on the left. You can see the specific information from the fields that we just had access to in the edit course details page. For now, I’ll click this Less link to collapse this information. If you’d like to add a SCORM lesson, click the Import SCORM link here.

The screen will expand and then you have the opportunity to locate the SCORM file on your computer by clicking Choose File. Once I’ve selected the file from my computer, I can click Upload File. Once the upload finishes, you can see the new SCORM lesson included here. I can also choose to make this lesson active and then I could move the lesson up or down in the list. Lastly, keep in mind that you can manage different portions of this course using the sub tabs, here. For example, if I navigate to Instructors, I can manage and update the instructors for this course. On the Assigned Users tab, I can manage the users assigned to this course and the Assigned Users Groups tab allows me to manage any user groups for this course.

I can even export a completion report from this tab, by selecting the Export to Excel link over here. If you’re looking for additional settings or functions for each course, keep in mind that some of them may be located in the sub tabs here. Thanks for watching. If you have any additional questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.