Recording Multiple Quiz Attempts

Video Transcription

Hello there and welcome to eLeaP. This is Don. For many of you being able to record multiple attempts at quiz completions are important. We do have that feature on eLeaP. We have gone a step further and are now able to provide you with the actual attempt results for each of the multiple attempts, not just the final attempt. Let me show you how.

So, I’m going into this sample training course. There’s a report here for me to read. Okay. And then I can go ahead and start my quiz right here. Okay? Quite the simple questions. I’m gonna go ahead and just mess up a few of them just to prove a point and, of course, I failed. I’m gonna retry it. Okay. So, go ahead and retry this and once more I’m gonna mess it up. Let’s see. Try to answer this a little bit more. There we go. Alright. And again 50%, right? So, I’m gonna retry it again. Okay. And I’m actually going to mess it again. So, that’s what, three attempts there? And this is gonna be my final attempt and this time I will try to get it right. So, bear with me, okay? And of course here we go. And submit that.

Alright. So, four attempts have passed. Now if you go to your quiz results and simply go in to this course that you want to look at. Okay. I believe it’s the HR course, have to purchase HR software. I do have two results in there. I can show you the first instance here and what you see if the list of attempts starting from the earliest to the latest. Okay. You do have the results stated right here and you can click on any of them to see what the actual scores were and what the user actually went ahead and entered in as their responses. So, in this case they had zero out of 100, if you will. Okay. And then, of course, I got 50% here. So, one out of two. And you can see where they answered it correctly or incorrectly. And, again, the third one being the right and past answer. And let’s go back and take a look at another example and, in this case, took one attempt and three subsequent retries.

And, again, you can see the various attempts listed here. Just simply click on the attempts and you would see what the user actually scored. So, this is very very good for compliance purposes where you do need to give full multiple attempts, but you want to record the results for each attempt. And so, we do have that now available for you. Thank you so much. Check it out and as usual feel free to contact us if you have any questions.