How to use Custom User Fields

Video Transcription

Hello there, and welcome. This is Don, and I’m excited today to unveil a feature that we have incorporated into eLeaP Learning Management System. It’s a new feature. We have heard you loud and clear, so we have added the option of creating your own additional LMS Custom Fields when you want to upload your users.

Simply go to your user step, you will see a new tab called Custom Fields, you want to click on that. Turns out, I do have some custom fields already here, but if you didn’t simply click on add new field and add a custom field. Okay? So for example, “Reports to“, all right, is my new LMS custom field, all right? And what’s neat about this is when you want to import, you simply can download our template as you did before and simply just make sure with that new template you add into it the custom fields that you want to upload. So, for example, I have a couple of custom fields, you can just go right over here and you can do a copy and paste if you want to, just make sure you copy them exactly the way you have them set up in the system. And you will be able to add those to your upload file.

And once you do that and get your names in there, you can upload your fields directly and employ your new users directly into the system. If you want to, you can take existing users, so if I bring up this individual, I can go to my edit mode, and I’ll be able to edit their existing template to incorporate the new fields. If you already have existing users, or trainees that you want us to help with in terms of updating their records to include any new custom fields, simply let us know and we’ll be happy to do that.

Now the neat thing with custom fields is this. When you go into a course, for example, and you want to assign a course out, you can actually use a custom fields option to be able to do some selects. I’ll go into more detail in the next video showing you how you can use LMS Custom fields for assignment for reporting and so on and so forth.

Thanks so much. And I see’s you all, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.