How to manage Forums

Video Transcription

Hello, and welcome to eLeaP.

By using the ‘forum’ link in the main menu you can access internal company discussion boards within the eLeaP system. Here we can see each forum category that’s been created. This information is displayed along with the category name, number of topics, and date created information.

To add additional forum categories, click the ‘add new forum category’ link here. Enter in the information for the category and then click ‘submit’. To edit an existing forum category, click the ‘edit’ button. To delete an existing category, click the ‘delete’ link next to that category.

Click on a forum category link to view the discussions. Here you can see the present topics within this forum category. You can add a new topic by clicking the ‘add new topic’ link here. Then enter in the forum topic and comment and clicking submit. You can join the discussion in any particular topic simply by clicking on the topic name here. To join the discussion you can click ‘add your comment’ or you can click the ‘reply’ link to reply to a specific post within the discussion.

To delete a topic, click the ‘delete’ button next to the topic you’d like to get rid of. You can also control your user access for specific discussion boards by navigating to the ‘user access’ sub-tab and assigning or unassigning selected users. To assign a new user, click ‘assign new user’ link. Then select the users that you’d like to assign and click ‘add selected’.

To manage your user group access select the ‘user group access’ sub-tab and from here you can assign or unassign specific user groups to different discussion boards. To assign a new user group click the ‘assign new user groups’ link. Then select the user groups that you’d like to add and click ‘add selected’.

Also, keep in mind, that as an administrator you have the ability to manage and moderate discussions and also make edits to your company posts if necessary.

Thanks for watching. If you have any additional questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us.