How to access your Training account

Hello, and welcome to eLeaP, your training and e-learning system. In this short video, we’ll explain how the system works, how you can access training courses, and how to get help if needed.

he first thing you’ll notice is here on the homepage you have all of your assigned courses and assigned training paths for easy access. You can also manage your assigned courses by navigating with the “courses” link in the main menu and viewing each individual course here. The same is true for training paths. To see what user groups you’re a part of, you can click on the “user groups” link at the top of the page, and here you can see I’m part of the operation staff. The instructors are the eLeaP team and there are six members of the group that I’m in.

You can view your current activity by clicking the “my activity” link and from here you can see your assigned course data, your quizzes data, your user groups, your paths, and really get a quick breakdown of your performance. To view and participate in discussions, click on the “forum” link in the main menu. Here you can view and explore forum categories and get involved in different discussions if desired.

To edit your personal profile, click the link in the top right corner that should be that same as your name, and then select “profile”. Here you get a quick breakdown of your information as contained within the eLeaP system. You can update your profile by clicking the “edit profile” link, change your personal password, and also upload a profile picture. For additional help with specific sections of the interface, be sure to look for the “help” icon in the top right corner.

Thanks for watching. If you have any additional questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.