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Blain A. Fisher

Product Training Specialist

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About Colorado CustomWare, Inc.

Colorado CustomWare, Inc. (CCI) creates next-generation software applications to assist state and local governments in the assessment and collection of property taxes. CCI’s Encompass Suite of products offers the kind of accuracy, functionality, and efficiency that earns the esteem of overburdened government employees. Indeed, CCI’s products have been so well received that the company now boast clients in 16 states and nearly 100 jurisdictions.

What did they need from a learning management system

  • In-person training cost

    Reduce in-person training time and training-related travel expense

  • 24/7 client access

    Provide clients with 24/7 access to training materials

  • Ease of use

    Ensure ease of use and cost-effectiveness

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The solution we provided

In response to this training issue, Colorado CustomWare decided to develop a series of highly interactive training modules that its clients could work through in advance of the CCI trainers arriving on-sight. This would reduce the amount of in-person training time required to master the CCI products; thus providing greater convenience and added value to both CCI and its clients.

After thoroughly researching various options, CCI determined that the eLeaP LMS was the ideal vehicle for carrying its training modules. The executives at CCI appreciated the fact that, as a hosted solution, eLeaP involved very low costs of deployment and ownership. All of CCI’s new training products could be brought online without any expenditure for new hardware, software, maintenance, or upgrades. Furthermore, since eLeap is hosted, CCI’s clients would enjoy the convenience of being able to access the training materials at any time and to work through them at their own pace. In addition, eLeaP impressed CCI with its ease of use. On the back end, eLeaP’s Course Content Creator Pro made it easy for the CCI team to develop and upload exactly the training materials they envisioned. And on the front end, eLeaP’s highly intuitive interface makes it easy for users to locate and work through the courses they need. Finally, the training team at CCI was especially impressed with eLeaP’s rich array of testing and assessment tools. CCI used these tools to build multiple forms of feed-back into its online course and to, in effect, provide trainees with a virtual-tutor who is always available to guide their progress.

Technical situation

Colorado CustomWare, Inc. has built a highly successful business developing and selling software packages that help state and local governments to assess and collect property taxes. The company’s success stems, in large part, from the fact that it provides tools that help clients carry out their work with greater efficiency and ease. Ironically, CCI was not itself working in a very efficient or cost effective manner.

The software systems that Colorado CustomWare develops are complex and their proper use requires a significant amount of training—all of which is provided by CCI itself. The typical training routine consisted of a two-week set of sessions conducted by CCI personnel at the client’s offices.

This method of training imposed serious burdens on all parties. The client faced a two-week period during which its employees were occupied solely with training rather than carrying out routine work tasks. CCI employees faced extended periods of time on the road conducting training sessions throughout the 16 states and nearly 100 jurisdictions in which the company has clients. And the company itself was burdened by heavy training-related travel costs.

Colorado CustomWare could not eliminate in person training entirely; both its products and its clients demand hands on service. It was clear, however, that some re-tooling of its training program was needed.

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The results from implementing eLeaP's technology

Colorado CustomWare has seen clear and immediate benefits from using eLeaP to implement its “online academy.” Clients are very pleased with CCI’s new system. They celebrate the 24/7 access to training materials and, since these give them some advance familiarity with the CCI products, they find the in-person training sessions more helpful and effective.

But if the clients are pleased, the CCI team is ecstatic. Its new training system has reduced CCI’s in-person training time, and training related expenses, by 50%. Even more impressively, however, CCI has seen an amazing 300% ROI on its eLeaP costs. According to CCI’s Product Training Specialist Blain A. Fisher, “for every dollar we spend per user we can charge three [or more].” Figures like these are a big part of why executives at Colorado CustomWare are so optimistic about the company’s future growth.