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About Natus Medical Incorporated

Founded in 1989, Natus Medical (Natus) is a medical equipment manufacturer based in the US. The company offers medical equipment, software, supplies, and services for diagnosing, monitoring, and treating impairments and disorders affecting the brain, neural pathways, and the eight sensory nervous systems. Natus has a reputation for offering a comprehensive product portfolio representing a heritage of innovation and leadership.

What did they need from a learning management system

  • Replace paper-based system

    Replace the stressful paper-based training records method with an effective Learning Management System

  • Remote staff training

    Difficulties in training remote employees

  • Reduce growing costs

    Reducing the cost of maintaining records

  • CFR Part 11 compliance

    Natus needed for a less stressful to comply with FDA regulations

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The solution we provided

Natus Medical had difficulties training its remote employees. Also, with its paper-based approach for recording employee training, assigning appropriate training and tracking progress was challenging. Therefore, by opting for the eLeaP LMS, they experienced a decreased cost in maintaining training and could assign proper training to employees, regardless of location.

Technical situation

Natus Medical is a medical company with over a thousand employees. It is, therefore, expected of such an organization with a large workforce to have challenges with manual training records. Also, since the firm comprises on-site and remote staff, training becomes difficult due to the lack of face-to-face interaction and communication barriers. This is especially true for technical and specialized training, where hands-on experience is crucial. Moreover, remote employees often have different learning styles and preferences, making it challenging to design a one-size-fits-all training program.

Maintaining the paper-based training records adopted by the company is also time-consuming, prone to errors, and difficult to access. This often led to significant delays in auditing and reporting and made it challenging to keep track of employee training. Maintaining paper-based records requires substantial physical storage space, printing costs, and manual labor. What about the risk of damage, loss, or theft? These can lead to high costs for the company. All these significantly affected the company’s operations and overall productivity and called for an urgent solution.

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The results from implementing eLeaP's technology

Seeing all the challenges posed by its current training methods, Natus Medical zoomed into action and opted for a safer and more effective training method. The company understands that if it sticks to its old training methods, employee training will continue to be a challenge, and the company may soon be overtaken by its competitors. Therefore, they needed an LMS to make training easier for remote and on-site staff. To also get rid of the stressful paper-based training records, the new system must be effective in tracking training progress. This prompted the HR team to research some of the best Learning Management Systems. When the team found eLeaP, they knew it was the solution to all their training challenges.

On the employees’ side, training with eLeaP becomes more comfortable as they can now learn on their smart devices. This also means they’ll be more productive since they don’t necessarily have to watch lesson videos during work hours on company-designated devices. The friendly user interface of eLeaP also means that employees don’t need technical guidance to take courses.

The executives found eLeaP more cost-effective; therefore, they can divert the initial outrageous cost of training employees and maintaining records to other reasonable ventures. Also, being a medical equipment company, privacy protection is crucial for Natus. Therefore, the company can’t settle for any random LMS that can’t protect their privacy. This is another reason why choosing eLeaP was a good decision. eLeaP is a 21 CFR Part 11 Learning Management System that has been validated. In addition, with eLeaP’s new 2-Factor Authentication, no third party can access the company’s information on the platform.