eLeaP has allowed our clients to effectively train their employees while maintaining the necessary reports to demonstrate compliance.

Matt Cagle, CIPP,

Senior Consultant with CompliancePoint

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About CompliancePoint

CompliancePoint is a leader in the consulting services field, specializing in compliance consulting, audit and training services. In their third year of business, the Duluth, Ga.-based company specializing in two areas—Global Direct Marketing Compliance and Information Security Compliance. Through the Global Direct Marketing Compliance Practice, it offers consulting, audit and training services to create guidelines and procedures to establish compliance with relevant consumer marketing legislation, monitor and enforce compliance, guarantee that employees follow procedures, and to minimize exposure to liability. Its Information Security Compliance Practice is a leading information risk management group that helps safeguard client information assets and protects critical technology infrastructure.

What did they need from a learning management system

  • High costs

    Provide clients with an easy-to-use training format that is cost effective

  • Customer support

    Implement a system backed with excellent support that offers many features

  • Flexibility

    Take advantage of a hosted program that offers the flexibility of scalability

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The solution we provided

Since cost-effectiveness and efficiency were core goals for CompliancePoint, they combed the market for the best training methodology, considering both software packages and hosted learning management systems. Initially, an on-premises software-based solution seemed promising. However, when all of the overhead costs associated with legacy software were considered (e.g., additional servers and backup equipment, IT resources needed to install and maintain the system, regular system updates and upgrades, etc.) it was clear that a hosted solution offered both lower deployment costs and lower overall costs of ownership.

Once this decision had been made, eLeaP was the clear choice for CompliancePoint. The company demanded an efficient system that could be easily adapted for its client’s needs, from large, off-site corporate training seminars to in-house “brown baggers” for departmental teams. From a compliance standpoint, eLeaP’s testing, tracking, and recording utilities also made it easy for management and training personnel at CompliancePoint to monitor employee performance on all training components. Trainees offer similar levels of praise for eLeaP, giving it an overall rating of “excellent.” They appreciate the intuitive interface and the fact that they are able to log onto the system and use training materials from any computer that’s connected to the Internet. eLeaP also had all the features that CompliancePoint required of a training system to ensure compliance with consumer marketing regulations.

Technical situation

CompliancePoint utilizes client solutions training and they provided that service on site at client locations or through the use of webinars and phone conferences. These training delivery modes, used by the company almost since its inception, were considered efficient and effective and believed to be providing the desired results.

However, the company knew a more cost-effective training system that was easier to use would help its bottom line as well as that of its clients. It also believed it could improve the learning curve for clients’ employees and their ability to retain new information. The pragmatic leadership at CompliancePoint recognized the training methods being used were inefficient for them and their clients. Their experience and ongoing self-evaluation indicated a need for change. Seeking to continue the impressive growth and success experienced during their first three years in the consulting services market, CompliancePoint’s leaders sought a training delivery system that would help solidify that growth for years to come while also ensuring their clients’ continued success. What would be good for CompliancePoint, they rightfully believed, definitely would be good for their clients.

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The results from implementing eLeaP's technology

Upon implementing the eLeaP LMS, CompliancePoint saw benefits almost immediately.

The system allowed its clients to efficiently train their employees while maintaining the necessary reports to demonstrate regulatory compliance. Follow-up testing indicated that the eLeaP LMS method of delivering training in a consistent manner exceeded expectations. CompliancePoint customers gained the peace of mind that comes with realizing their employees knew what they needed to know to guarantee compliance standards were met.

As a result, CompliancePoint’s standing in the marketplace has been enhanced, with clients who are fully compliant in the ever-changing, often hard-to-navigate landscape of state and federal regulatory law. With the inherent cost-effectiveness of the eLeaP LMS, the company is indeed experiencing previously unrealized savings, freeing resources to develop and offer more services to its clients. The results — satisfied customers who can be assured they are meeting regulatory demands and a CompliancePoint future set on the course of continued growth.