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eLeaP made training easier for our employees as they could access the training platform on their smart devices anywhere and anytime plus the support was amazing.

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About Biorasi, LLC.

Headquartered in Florida, United States, with office-based teams around the globe, Biorasi is a global, award-winning and full-service contract research organization (CRO) that delivers the speed and agility that today’s small and mid-sized pharmaceutical and device companies desperately need. The company was founded in 2002, and ever since, they have worked diligently to accelerate clients' clinical trials to rapid completion with its unconventional approach to clinical research.

What did they need from a learning management system

  • High cost of renewing expired training licenses

    Biorasi needed a way to be more cost-effective in managing its licenses and renewal process

  • The training system isn’t scalable

    As a fast-growing organization, Biorasi needed a platform that could easily scale with its growth

  • Difficulties in training remote employees

    To ensure team members, whether working at the office or remotely, had an intuitive system to access crucial compliance and upskilling content

  • The training platform was difficult to navigate

    Ease of use was a big deal for Biorasi, who needed the system to be sophisticated but also intuitive

  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

    Biorasi needed an improved way to comply with FDA regulations

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The solution we provided

Biorasi LLC wasn’t satisfied with the high cost of renewing the expired licenses of their current training system. Also, with the current system lacking appropriate compliance, their client’s data isn’t safe with them, which may cost the firm its license in the case of a data breach. This, therefore, called for an urgent proactive measure. The high license renewal cost was eliminated by choosing the eLeaP Learning Management System as their new training platform, and they got an improved 21 CFR Part 11 compliant platform. The data integrity with eLeaP was significantly enhanced.

Technical situation

Biorasi is a large organization with a company size of 201 – 500 employees. With these employees spread across the globe, it is expected that the company will face significant challenges managing a training system that is non-scalable and non-compliant with the 21 CFR regulations. This lack of compliance and scalability significantly impacted the organization’s operations and the quality of its products.

The non-scalable training system limited the number of people trained at a time. This limitation meant that Biorasi could not train all its employees adequately, often leading to errors, accidents, and non-compliance with regulations. It also often leads to low productivity, increased costs, and low employee morale.

The organization’s non-compliant training system could lead to regulatory non-compliance, resulting in penalties, fines, and legal issues. The 21 CFR regulation mandates that medical organizations must have a training system that meets the regulation’s requirements. Failure to comply with this regulation can significantly negatively impact the organization’s reputation, financial stability, and operating ability. Therefore, to avoid grave consequences that could affect their excellent reputation, the HR team at Biorasi needed to be proactive, so they zoomed into action.

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The results from implementing eLeaP's technology

Seeing the challenges encountered in training employees and managers, the HR team at Biorasi knew that delay could be costly. Therefore, they needed a solution on time. To save cost, the firm can’t settle for multiple systems to eliminate their training challenges — they needed an LMS with all the answers they desired. This led them to research the top Learning Management Systems available, and came across eLeaP. With the many features of eLeaP, including scalability, FDA compliance approval, responsiveness, low training cost, ease of use, and ability to track employees’ training progress, the HR team had no doubt that this is the training platform that answers all their questions. They knew it was what they’d been searching for.

eLeaP makes training easier for employees as they can access the training platform on their smart devices anywhere and anytime. With its scalability feature, many people can access the site once, meaning they don’t have to stay in a queue or experience a system crash. The eLeaP interface is also easy to navigate and user-friendly. Therefore, employees and managers don’t need any tech expert to access the training of their choice.

eLeaP also provides executives with a cheaper way of training. Therefore, they don’t have to spend outrageously on training and license renewal. Also, being a medical company, Biorasi can’t afford to handle privacy issues with a soft glove. Therefore, whatever training platform they will settle for must guarantee privacy protection. This, again, cements the fact that choosing eLeaP is a brilliant idea. Besides offering a 21 CFR Part 11 validated system, the platform also features a 2-Factor Authentication, preventing third-party from accessing data.

By opting for eLeaP, Biorasi LLC had nothing to worry about regarding employee and manager training. It is one system that solves all the company’s training challenges. Therefore, the days of spending outrageously on training employees, especially its remote staff, are over. The company is able to add all types of training in one place and customize results without breaking the bank.

Biorasi has also recorded increased productivity since using eLeaP. This is unsurprising, as acquiring new knowledge and skills can increase motivation, productivity, and overall job satisfaction.