Employees are now training themselves as opposed to management having to re-train every new employee. We are in a high turnover industry, so time is valuable, and we are now able to get it back.

Amy Wojciechowski

Marketing Manager

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About Regency Office Products

Regency Office Products is the fastest growing independent office products company in the nation. They provide a Total Office Solution, offering general office supplies; ink and toner; technology; furniture design, layout and installation; printing and promotional products; and much more. The company’s growth has been built upon creativity and innovation, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to the highest standards of customer service.

What did they need from a learning management system

  • High training costs

    Reduce employee training time and expense

  • Knowledge retention

    Increase training effectiveness and retention of information

  • On-demand training

    Provide self-training options that are easy for all employees to use

  • Security

    Ensure security of all company information and training materials

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The solution we provided

After exploring a number of alternatives, Regency decided to implement Telania’s eLeaP™ Learning Management System. There were several reasons why the executive team opted for a hosted LMS rather than a software package. They liked the fact that the eLeaP™ LMS did not require installing complex programs, investing in hardware and software, or maintaining any IT staff. They also liked the fact that eLeap included automatic updates at no additional cost, and that the system could be fully deployed—with training courses available for use—in 24 hours or less.
The Regency team also appreciated the ease and simplicity of eLeaP at all levels. The system allowed Regency staff to create customized training materials and courses with simple copy and paste tools that required no programming expertise. The intuitive and user-friendly interface allowed all of Regency’s employees to begin using the system immediately and without a great deal of instruction or supervision by management staff. And the fact that all training materials were available through a secure website meant that employees could participate in training sessions from any computer connected to the Internet but without jeopardizing the security of any company data.

Technical situation

Regency Office Products is a company on the move. But time consuming, costly, and ineffective employee training procedures were limiting its growth and potential.
Regency conducted all of its employee training either in person, through weekly conference calls, or at biannual training seminars that were held at off-site locations. Conducting training in this way imposed a number of significant burdens on the company. Regency operates in an industry characterized by high employee turnover, so the company experienced nearly constant demands for new employee training. Those training demands consumed a great deal of the time of high-value management members and incurred very large overhead and travel costs. Furthermore, the results were not impressive. According to Regency’s Marketing Manager, “We spent a lot of money and time with travel, and did not see the impact that we wanted. The trainees were easily distracted.”
The need to replace its existing training procedures was clear and Regency’s executive team began to investigate various web-based training and e-learning solutions. The system needed to be easy to set up and use, it needed to show excellent training results, and it needed to be cost-effective. Furthermore, Regency preferred the ease of a hosted training solution but placed a high premium on the security of company information and training materials.

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The results from implementing eLeaP's technology

Regency began to see the benefits of the eLeaP™ LMS immediately. The first benefit they experienced was the tremendous liberation of management time. Constant training was consuming massive amounts of human resources and once this burden was removed Regency’s management team members could devote increased time and energy to helping the company grow. Amy Wojciechowski, Regency’s Marketing Manager, said this: “Employees are now training themselves as opposed to management having to re-train every new employee. We are in a high turnover industry, so time is valuable, and we are now able to get it back.”
The eLeaP™ training is markedly more effective than Regency’s in person and off-site procedures. All employees now demonstrate a significantly higher level of knowledge of the company products and services, and this translates into increased sales and improved customer service. Furthermore, since Regency is no longer investing in off-site training excursions, turning to eLeaP™ has allowed them to realize significant cost savings.