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Years using eLeaP
Implementing the eLeaP LMS has given Bionical Solutions the peace of mind and confidence in the training process and records they desired

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What did they need from a learning management system

  • Tracking employees’ training progress

    Employees’ training progress was easily monitored, increasing their commitment to completing the courses.

  • The need to maintain training records

    Training records are now easily kept without stress, freeing HR professionals time to focus on other relevant projects.

  • Difficulties training remote workers

    All employees, including those working remotely, have access to the training and can learn at their desired pace

  • The need for an increased level of compliance

    The eLeaP’s LMS offers a 21 CFR Part 11 validated system to ensure FDA compliance.

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The solution we provided

Bionical Solutions had issues tracking employee training progress, reducing the accountability rate. With that, many employees weren’t dedicated to their training, leading to low returns on investment. The company also couldn’t maintain accurate and effective training records. Therefore, by settling for the eLeaP LMS, these challenges quickly became history as they can now monitor each employee’s progress and keep training records.

Technical situation

Bionical Solutions is a healthcare company with about one thousand employees. This workforce includes remote workers spread across different cities. One can only imagine the company’s HR challenges in keeping track of such a large workforce’s training progress and records. As a result of this stressful process, employees were not getting the required training at appropriate times. Even when they do, the absence of progress tracking makes them uncommitted to the process, which could result in grave consequences for the company.

One of the consequences is non-compliance with regulations. The pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated, and companies must adhere to strict guidelines for employee training. Failure to keep proper training records can lead to non-compliance, resulting in hefty fines, legal action, or even the revocation of licenses. Moreover, without adequate training, employees may not have the necessary skills or knowledge to produce high-quality products, which could result in customer complaints, product recalls, and damage to the company’s reputation.

Inadequate training can lead to job dissatisfaction and a higher employee turnover rate. This can result in increased recruitment costs, reduced employee morale, and a loss of institutional knowledge. With these in mind, Bionical Solutions needed an effective approach to training its employees, and it has to be done as soon as possible to avoid any of these consequences.

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The results from implementing eLeaP's technology

Bionical Solutions decided to up its training game and knew that an LMS with the solutions to all its training challenges was the way to go. Therefore, they reviewed a couple of LMS and eventually settled for eLeaP.

Training became more accessible for the employees, and they required no professionals to hold their hands whenever they needed to learn from the platform. This allows them to learn at their own pace and provides everyone equal access to the training sites, regardless of location. Also, knowing that the HR team monitors their progress increases employees’ commitment to the training. As a result, they keep updating their knowledge and become better in their professions. This, therefore, makes their tasks easier and their jobs become more fulfilling.

eLeaP relieves the HR team of manually keeping training records by offering accurate reports and ensuring all new users complete their training at the expected time. Also, with the 21 CFR Part 11 validated system provided by eLeaP, Bionical Solutions now has a reliable training system with increased compliance. Therefore, worrying about grave consequences due to compliance issues is over.

Benefits — Stress-Free, Cost-Savings, Convenience
Implementing the eLeaP LMS has given Bionical Solutions the peace of mind and confidence in the training process and records they desired.

Narrating some of the benefits Bionical Solutions gets from eLeaP, an Assurance Advisor at the company mentioned that eLeaP provides them with “ease of mind knowing we can upload external documents on users profiles, ensuring everyone is compliant, all training records in one place if we were audited for different services.”