eLeaP allowed CareerShorts.com to reduce the costs associated with doing business while helping it meet the demand of its institutional customers for increased training options.

Kelly Ke


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About CareerShorts.com

CareerShorts.com provides online learning tools, expert resources and marketing services for experts through in-demand career development and business courses to individuals and organizations. They teach their clients how to succeed in the nuanced world of e-commerce. In the marketplace about two years, their clients include such institutions of higher learning as Clemson University School of Business and Behavioral Science, the State University of New York at Geneseo School of Business and the University of Texas at El Paso College of Business Administration. Their clients are able to tap into a varied course catalogue that includes offerings on Business Writing and Netiquette, Communication and Leadership, Productivity and Business Skills. Its list of instructor resources boasts knowledgeable voices grounded in the practical experience of leadership who are among experts in business writing, leadership and workforce development, just to name a few.

What did they need from a learning management system

  • Cost effective

    Create a training programs for institutional clients that are cost-effective.

  • Ease of use

    Provide an eLearning system that is easy to use

  • Security and support

    Provide a system with solid security that comes with complete technical support

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The solution we provided

With its easy-to-use platform and learning tools backed by technical know-how, the hosted eLeaP LMS was the perfect solution for the CareerShorts.com. Since eLeaP is a hosted service, the e-business could depend on eLeaP technicians and programmers to support and maintain a tool that would become critical to CareerShorts.com’s continued growth and success. Cost-effective, efficient? The company found that the eLeaP LMS allowed it to respond accurately and quickly to a client’s educational requirements. eLeaP can be fully activated, with courses online and ready to use, in less than a day.

The Course Content Creator Pro allowed CareerShorts.com to quickly and easily develop online courses and training offerings, and they also were able to enhance these courses with plenty of audio and video files. As importantly, eLeaP is simple and inviting for users. The intuitive interface makes it easy for users to locate the course modules they desire and equally easy to see how the tools are to be used.

Technical situation

The costs of higher education combined with the demand for a graduate level education among many Fortune 500 companies, and the need for a highly educated work force to compete in the global market, has put CareerShorts.com front and center in online education services. The company’s stable of experts and its ability to convey their knowledge and other training resources to educational providers in a cost-effective manner held the promise of a nearly infinite growth opportunity in the e-business world. A relatively new and growing online enterprise specializing in education and training such as CareerShorts.com is able to benefit from low overhead and the opportunities inherent in an untapped market that feeds the demand of a world hungry for efficient and economical educational services.

However, they could see challenges in the future with their inability to offer a broader pallet of educational offerings while retaining the cost-effectiveness for which the company had become known among its clients. The owner and founder of CareerShorts.com, Kelly Ke, also had the keen foresight to realize increased growth would increase the need for quick and sure technical support.

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The results from implementing eLeaP's technology

The benefits of eLeaP for CareerShorts.com were realized nearly as quickly as its enhanced educational offerings could be put in front of its growing client pool. Savings were immediate, with eLeaP’s inherent ability to reduce hardware support and maintenance costs. Careershorts.com and its institutional clients also enjoy a chameleon-like characteristic of the eLeaP model ¬– e-Learning solutions can be quickly and effectively bundled for institutional customers as the need arises. The result: More clients, more revenue and a growing reputation in the competitive market of on-line learning.