eLeaP provides us the in-house support we need and the user friendly platform our customers have come to depend on. Its a match made in heaven.

Jeana Fleitz


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What did they need from a learning management system

A rigorous learning management system that could meet the needs of the ASRT as well as ARRT and State Licensure Boards. The system also had to be easy to administer, generate real-time reports and certificates of completion and provide excellent customer support.

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The solution we provided

The eLeaP Learning Management Platform provided just the solution X-Ray Lady needed. Coupled with the fact that they were a local company helped seal the deal.

Technical situation

Using a combination of SCORM and eLeaP Quiz Builder, the solution we deployed enabled X-Ray Lady to meet the high standards set by their accrediting board. The system also provided unique quiz settings that only eLeaP possessed and which were needed by the CE accrediting agencies.

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The results from implementing eLeaP's technology

After 7+ years, X-Ray and its students still enjoy the world class features of the eLeaP Platform and excellent customer services. The reduction in costs and increase in efficiency is what made this match work and continue to work.