About: Don Weobong

As President of Telania, LLC., Don Weobong has been involved with talent management and improvement since 2000 during his tenure as eCommerce Director for Personnel Policy Service, Inc. After starting Telania, Don helped develop and expand the eLeaP brand to a global eLearning platform dedicated to helping professionals in TM expand and reach their full potential. As a member of the Board of Association of Talent Development in Kentucky, Mr. Weobong enjoys working with professionals in the field directly bringing to life the latest strategies and technologies impacting this discipline.

A Guide to Using Podcasts for Employee Training

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is becoming one of the most popular forms of media, and this concept is even drawing many celebrities into hosting their own, as opposed to the traditional radio or talk shows. How about using podcasts for employee training? Share with eLeaP or get some tips. Continue reading

7 Must-Know Tips and Tidbits for Training Employees On Tablets

Tablets represent a unique, efficient and engaging way to deliver training. They’re somewhat of a middle-ground between e-Learning that has to be done on a desktop or laptop computer, and modules available on a mobile phone. Continue reading

6 Features Your LMS Should Have

eLearning and the world of learning management systems have grown leaps and bounds in recent years, and these products and platforms are constantly evolving to reflect new technology and innovation, as well as an evolution of clients’ needs. Get free consulting help to guide you on your LMS search. Continue reading

How You Can Use Customer Insight to Improve Employee Training

Customer service training: just hearing the phrase sounds dull, outdated and ineffective, yet it’s not optional. Without customer service training you’re leaving yourself open to so many possible problems. With today’s Internet-driven culture, just one bad customer experience can spell disaster for your brand. Continue reading

Exploring the “Train-the-Trainer Model:” The What, Why and Hows

The Concept of Train-the-Trainer

Train-the-Trainer is a model used to describe, much as the name would imply, training potential instructors or less experienced instructors, on the best ways to deliver training materials to others. Continue reading

Exploring Informal Learning and Its Role in the Modern Workplace

What is Informal Learning?

Informal learning refers to the skills a person learns in an informal setting. In the workplace these skills can come from talking to other people, on-the-job experiences, working alongside more experienced employees, or even through trial-and-error. Continue reading