While some might believe that the sole department responsible for cyber security and cyber security training in a company is the IT department, it would be a mistake to put the responsibility solely on that department’s shoulders. Instead, companies that want to ensure that they are as secure as possible from cyber threats will want to create a joint effort between the HR department and IT. This can make the task of mitigating these threats much easier for the entire company.

HR's Role in Cyber Security Training for Employees

Those who work in HR know that there is a substantial amount of personal and confidential data that is held at the company, much of it right in their own department. They have information on each of the employees, payroll information, bank details, SSNs, home addresses, and more. Other departments and sections of the company have confidential information, as well, such as product specs. These all need to be protected, which makes proper cyber security training essential.

Imagine what might happen if your company was hacked and if personal and private data had been breached. There have been multiple incidents of this happening to companies both large and small, and the results can be devastating. Your clients and even your employees would no longer trust the company if their private information was suddenly in the hands of a hacker. If proprietary information were stolen, it could mean that your company’s products or procedures are no longer a secret. There are countless problems that could result from a cyber security attack.

Evaluate Potential Cyber Security Problems in the Company

One of the first things the HR and IT teams need to do is evaluate the current state of the company and the types of risks that they might be open to. For example, you may have employees who are working remotely. If that is the case, there need to be tools in place to ensure that they and their connections remain safe while they are at home or on the road.

You also have to consider who has access to different forms of data. There are many companies today that essentially have open access, meaning that a larger number of employees could gain access to data that they have no business having. Even though those employees might not do anything with the data or even realize they can access it, there could be a problem if their account was compromised in some way. They need to employ safety procedures to ensure this sort of thing does not happen.

By completing a full and thorough evaluation of the company and its current practices it becomes easier to find where there might be issues that have to be addressed. Do not make it an afterthought. By working with the IT department in this regard, it becomes easier to find any potential problems and to come up with solutions for them.

Does Your Company Have Special Requirements?

Consider any special legal regulations to which the company has to adhere to. HIPAA has requirements to ensure patient protection, for example. Consider any regulations that apply to the type of work that your company does, and make sure that the cyber security training you are providing to employees covers these areas. Also, make sure that the IT department has the correct security measures in place to ensure proper compliance.

You will also want to remember that as technology changes and as threats evolve and change, there will be a need to keep up with those changes. Stay atop the changes in cyber security to ensure that your company is properly protected from cyber threats.

Ensure Employees Understand the Importance of Cyber Security

One of the most important things to do is to provide proper cyber security training for all of your employees. Training needs to be provided to everyone who has access to and uses any of the computers that are on your company network or that can connect to your network and database. Cyber security needs to become a part of your standard business practice, so you need to have an ongoing security program that can provide cyber security training and regular updates.

Having a quality program for security, as well as for training, means that the employees will feel more involved. It is also important to let the employees understand just how important cyber security is and the types of dangers that it can involve. Make each employee understand that they are responsible for cyber security. Motivate them to stay vigilant to these types of threats.

Train Regularly to Keep Up with Cyber Security Needs

A mistake that many companies make with their cyber security training is that they only have one training session for the employees, often done when they arrive at the company as a new employee. Instead, it is important to have ongoing training and to keep the employees apprised of any new threats and how they can avoid them. Training software, as well as in-person team training with an IT professional, that is done regularly can help in this regard. Having refresher training each quarter can be a great option.

It can sometimes feel difficult to keep up with matters involving cyber security. It seems as if there is always some new type of malware exploit, a new virus, or news about a company that has been breached. However, if you want to ensure the safety of your company, it is essential to keep up with these matters. By working with the IT department, which is likely to be more familiar with these areas, it does become somewhat easier. Together, you can tackle the needs of cyber security training in your company and reduce your risks.

Take the initiative to talk with your IT department, find quality cyber security training software, and make sure that everyone in the company is fully aware of the dangers that these types of breaches and hacks can cause. Get everyone on the same page, and you can improve your company’s security.

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