There are hundreds of different learning management system (LMS) solutions available to businesses today but if you are an LMS skeptic, this free eBook is for you. With so many vendors out there, you’d think most businesses have probably jumped onto the LMS bandwagon. And yet there still many companies that don’t have an LMS. For whatever reason, they are what you might call LMS skeptics. Are you an LMS skeptic? If so, this is a must-read article for you.

Are you an LMS skeptic?

The Ever-Growing Number of LMS Vendors

Trying to figure out just how many different LMS options are out there is a daunting task because there are just so many of them. If you were to create a list of all the different corporate LMS options available for businesses, do you know how many would be on it? More than 640! There surely wouldn’t be so many different companies making and selling LMS software if there isn’t a real need for it, right? But you’re an LMS skeptic, and the true skeptic doesn’t do something just because everyone else is doing it!

LMS Dissatisfaction is Still High

Maybe you’ve also seen the many articles published online over the years that present data on how many companies are unhappy with their LMS. The most recent data on this is quite interesting. It comes from a research project at ATD (the Association for Talent Development). Their research team asked the important question, Is the LMS Dead? The answer was no, it’s alive and well, but get a load of these statistics:

  • Only 9% of companies surveyed were able to say their LMS was highly effective.
  • Around 33% said employee users found the company LMS “difficult” to use (which is just a nice way of saying they hate it).
  • Nearly 50% said the user interface of their LMS was not appealing.

As an LMS skeptic, you’re probably thinking you’ve made the right choice in not adopting an LMS. But you’d be wrong. Just because a bunch of companies haven’t found the right LMS doesn’t mean it’s entirely unavailable. And if you stubbornly refuse to find the right LMS for your company, you’ll be missing out on the ways an LMS can boost learning and training, which has an impact on your bottom line.

The Skeptic’s Guide to LMS

We wanted to design a resource that would speak directly to the LMS skeptic. The goal was to explain as clearly as possible what an LMS can and cannot do for a company. An LMS isn’t a magic bullet, it’s a management tool with a relatively narrowly defined purpose and scope. If you understand what an LMS can do while not expecting it to do more than is possible, you will see how an LMS really can improve the way learning and training happens in your company. If you’re an LMS skeptic, then we invite you to get your copy of The Skeptic’s Guide to LMS. And who knows? When you’re finished reading it, you might just find you’re ready to find the right LMS for your company. Here’s a sneak preview of the guide’s contents:

  • 6 Signs You Need an LMS Solution
  • What an LMS Can and Cannot do for Your Company
  • How to Craft a Winning LMS-Enabled Learning and Training Strategy
  • How to Maximize Your ROI

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