Customer Service Training

Great customer service sustains great organizations. While customer service training comes in all shapes, the best training programs use multi-media, immersive content and design to convey powerful yet simple concepts. See how great customer service training is done.

Automation Rocks, but Not Every Business Needs a Chatbot

In the future, the success of businesses, even small businesses, will increasingly pivot on the adoption of automated solutions such as chatbots. By automating routine tasks, businesses can do more for less and increase their ability to serve customers around the clock. While the benefits of automation are obvious, it is still important for businesses of all sizes to seriously assess when automating is truly adding value. After all, in many instances, a human touch still carries a tremendous amount of value. Continue reading

Toss Out the Scripts: Customer Service Training

In the past, creating better customer service often involved rewriting scripts. In 2016, there’s a growing recognition that scripts are simply not responsive enough to meet customer demands. In fact, stilted scripts are now viewed with suspicion by many customers. After all, we live in a Web 2.0 world where seemingly everything else is customized to respond to our specific needs and interests. If web browsers can generate geared-to-searcher advertisements, why can’t a human customer service Continue reading

Customer Service Essentials for Your Summer Staff

Customer service positions—online, on the phone and in person—account for a large percentage of available summer jobs. While customer service positions are often assumed to be ideal for entry-level workers, this is not necessarily the case. Indeed, the assumption that new workers can be easily assigned to customer service positions presumes that customer service positions require little or no training, but this is far from true. Customer service skills, like other work-related skills, are Continue reading

How You Can Use Customer Insight to Improve Employee Training

Customer service training: just hearing the phrase sounds dull, outdated and ineffective, yet it’s not optional. Without customer service training you’re leaving yourself open to so many possible problems. With today’s Internet-driven culture, just one bad customer experience can spell disaster for your brand. Continue reading

Do Your Customers Need Software Training? If So, Here Are Tips To Make It Work

The Advantages of Customer Training

Customer training has many benefits, and with the rise in the availability of e-Learning and learning management systems, it’s more affordable, efficient and simple to deliver training. Customer training can be of particular importance as it pertains to companies selling software solutions. Continue reading

Outstanding Customer Service—Old and New Approaches

In the mid-twentieth century, sales staff (now more commonly known as “sales associates”) were trained to attend to customers’ individual needs and if required, to take as much time as needed to ensure their customers were finding everything.  Is such old-style outstanding customer service really a thing of the past? And if not, how can new technologies be used to support the revival of customer service excellence? Continue reading

How Training Promotes Trust: Part 1

Trust is a pillar of good business. Indeed, building trust is one of the most important engines of business. After all, the decision to purchase a product or service is typically based on the fact that a consumer trusts the company from which he or she is making the purchase. As an example, consider the case of Volkswagen. Over the years, Volkswagen has established itself as one of the most trusted companies in the automotive sector. It has done this by creating well designed, safe and reliable vehicles under a tried and true brand with widespread popular appeal. Of course, when businesses are found to be untrustworthy (e.g., Volkswagen in the wake of the recent emissions scandal), customers quickly turn elsewhere, leaving the business in question to rebuild its reputation. Continue reading

Supporting Your Support Personnel

Prepare yourselves, because this is going to be a venting post. Whether you’re in HR, Training, Learning, or some other type of support personnel, this post is for you. I speak from experience, having spent over 20 years of my professional life in various support roles. Far too often, support personnel are expected to continually justify their own existence in the organization. In some cases, this is a good thing, as I’ve written about in terms of showing the business impact of eLearning (see eLearning as a Profit Center). But for all of you who find yourselves frustrated by that constant sense of being made to feel like you’re a drain on the organization, enjoy the venting. Continue reading

Incorporating customer service training videos that work into your eLearning

Everyone loves a video right? So is there a role for customer service training videos in your eLearning?

Of course, that would explain the popularity of sites like YouTube, and that popularity has led an increasing number of companies to ditch their live training demonstrations, and instead opt for videos. Videos are even easier to deliver through an eLearning system because they can be incorporated with a variety of other tools and techniques to provide a rich, comprehensive training system. 

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Are You Making These Mistakes with Your Customer Service Training?

Is it really possible to train employees on providing top-quality customer service? We think so—look at companies like Apple. They provide extensive training to their employees, and the result is a floor staff that’s friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

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