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The strategic value of business training to change outcomes and impact the bottom-line is unquestioned. However organizations need better resources to fully take advantage of business training. Our writers discuss business training strategies, methodologies and resources.

Strategic Ways To Create Employee Performance Goals

Helping Your Employees Succeed

Every company doesn’t just want successful employees – they need them. Corporate success is dependent on individual employee success. A key strategic objective for employers should be setting and helping employees reach goals. Every individual employee’s success contributes to the larger success of the company. That is why employee development goals should be priority items for every company.

The more you can motivate employees to meet goals, the better your corporate culture is going to be, and the more successful the entire organization will be as well. Goals are important because they provide a focus for employees, they show them what their responsibilities are, and they give them a larger purpose within the organization. Goals also improve accountability and serve as a motivator. When goals are in place and are measurable, it ensures that employees’ performance can be tracked and changes can be made as necessary.   Continue reading

Promoting collaborative learning in your training materials

One of the biggest advantages of utilizing multimedia and eLearning as your corporate training medium is the fact that you can include so many unique components, including collaboration.

Yes, you can include collaboration in traditional classroom training, but when it’s part of your eLearning it can be done regardless of where employees are located, in an efficient and effective way.

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Quicken Loans Comprehensive Training Leads to Big Pay-Offs

In the past few years Quicken Loans has garnered a lot of attention—primarily for leading the effort to revitalize downtown Detroit. Along with that, it is consistently ranked as one of the best companies to work for in the country. Get smart and learn how Quickens loans training can best help your workplace.  Continue reading

Retraining vs. Firing: Which is more beneficial for your organization

When you’re heading up a business and you see a problem, or you’re simply not getting the profits you’d like to, the first inclination can often be to fire someone—or many someones.

What’s important to remember is that firing may not always be the best option—not just from an emotional standpoint, but also from a financial perspective.

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Bridging the Gap: How to Train Remote Employees

Remote work environments are becoming more common than ever. According to estimates from professional organizations like the Society for Human Resources Management, anywhere from about 30 to 45 percent of many companies’ employees work remotely, at least occasionally. Continue reading

The Value of Effective Onboarding and How to Incorporate It Into Your eLearning

Onboarding is really a broad term that encompasses so much of what employees need to know when they become part of an organization. It’s the knowledge and skills, yes, but it also speaks heavily to the corporate culture and socialization required for an employee to become a valued part of a company. Continue reading

Labor Day and the State of the American Worker: Is Talent Management the Solution?

As many of us celebrate Labor Day it’s easy to chalk it up to another holiday that means a long weekend, but at its core, it’s about the American worker. The headlines pertaining to America’s workforce are mixed – some media outlets celebrate a significantly reduced unemployment rate from one that soared just a few years ago during the recession, while we see other headlines shouting of gloom and doom for the workers of today and the future.

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Effectively designing eLearning for a global audience

Our world is one that’s almost entirely impacted by globalization, particularly in terms of business and corporate organizations.

Many companies have employees not just across the country, but across the globe, so how do you tackle the challenge of providing training and development that speaks to a diverse international audience?

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Top 5 tips for creating case studies that pack a punch

Case studies are an incredibly valuable component to add to eLearning, when they’re well-written, but how do you go about writing one that’s going to be both engaging and effective?

You want the message to be powerful, and you want it to be something that resonates with employees in a way that’s going to have a long-term impact on their behavior and decision-making skills.

Top 5 tips for creating case studies that pack a punch

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Why Leadership Training is a Good Employee Retention Tool

Why Leadership Training is a Good Employee Retention Tool

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Statistics show that about 50 percent of people worldwide moved to a different employer within the past year. In the United States alone, 45 percent had transferred to another company and 34 percent are thinking about leaving. Without a sound staff retention plan, employers could end up losing the remaining 21 percent of employees who may not even be committed or loyal to the company.

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