Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassments is a profound betrayal of trust in the workplace. This results in fines, liability and a breakdown of cohesion in any workplace. Make sure your sexual harassment training meets industry standards and is reliable.

The Rise of Same-Sex Sexual Harassment in the Workplace and What Employers Can Do About It

The Changing Face of Sexual Harassment

Regardless of accuracy, in the past sexual harassment has largely been viewed through the lens of being a “women’s issue.” It seemed like primarily women came forward to address sexual harassment they’d experienced among their colleagues and bosses, and in many cases the accused harassers were men. Continue reading

Are these mistakes ruining your sexual harassment training?

The Importance of Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual harassment training has such a negative connotation in the corporate world. It’s seen as outdated, unnecessary, ineffective and in some cases just plain offensive, but it’s also a necessity in today’s environment.

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