Are Wellness Programs Good for Business?

Today, businesses large and small are embracing workplace wellness programs in an effort to lower healthcare costs and raise productivity and workplace morale. While the technology sector was an early adopter—with many companies offering on-site gyms and organic juice bars decades ago—today, wellness is finding a home in a growing range of workplaces, even those that have traditional eschewed gym culture and non-GMO campaigns. But can morning yoga classes and on-site cafés offering gluten-free sandwiches really help one’s bottom line? This post examines the workplace wellness trend, its connection to workplace training and the promised ROI. Continue reading

Being Proactive Through Training: Tips for Developing and Implementing Cross-Training

This past fall, Forbes contributor Chris Cancialosi wrote an interesting piece entitled Cross-Training: Your Best Defense Against Indispensable Employees.” Be proactive and learn the proper tips for developing cross-training.
Continue reading