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To review or not to review: hiding quiz answers

You probably know that adding assessments, tests or quizzes is a simple but effective method of building accountability and tracking into your e-learning or training program. To prove return on investment, I believe it is crucial in most organizations to be able to show that the training program not only got implemented properly but that you have documented results to show that there have been changes; positive or negative. Continue reading

How to select the right online training platform

According to the latest State of the American Workplace Report, nearly 70 percent of U.S. workers don’t like their job. This leads to a disconnected, less productive workplace. Employees are shown to be more engaged and happy in the workplace when well trained to do their jobs and feel they are adding to the success of the company. Continue reading

3 Ideas On How to Train the Millennial Generation

Each generation of workers has its own characteristics. For those workers that fall in the millennial generation, the characteristic that seems to set them apart is that they live and work in a faster-paced world than the generations that came before them. This directly translates to how this generation needs to train, learn and develop as well. Continue reading

How to Establish a Measurement Program for Your Training Program

Measuring the effectiveness of a training program can be a daunting task. It ends up being more subjective than objective unless you establish a measurement program for your training program. Use these measurements to ensure that you can gather data and metrics on how effective your training program is (or how ineffective it is). Continue reading

5 Innovative Ideas for Conducting New Hire Orientations

When new employees come into a company, it is up to human resource professionals to conduct new hire orientations. Orientations of this nature bring the new employees up to speed on the culture, policies, and procedures of the company. Rather than host a run-of-the-mill orientation, use some of these innovative ideas to add some fun and personality to the meeting. Continue reading

3 Common Complaints about Online Training and How You Can Solve Them

Trainees can love or hate online training. Some of the common complaints employees have about training online have solutions, so you have a way or turning complaints into satisfaction. Discover what these common complaints are so that you can resolve them before they become issues for your organization. Continue reading

Online Training Can Help to Avoid Lawsuits

When safety is an issue, online training can help you to avoid lawsuits. This is especially true for particular types of companies, such as manufacturers, construction workers, railroad companies and other companies that deal with large machinery or situations where employees can be injured. Even when safety is not the primary concern, many other factors come into play that can determine whether or not a company lands in the courtroom or stays clear of the courtroom. Continue reading

The Five Characteristics of an Effective Leader – Leadership Tips

Some argue that great leaders are born. Others, however, say that education and training can shape and form individuals into great leaders. No matter which side of the argument you sit on, one thing holds true. Effective leaders all share five primary characteristics. Draw inspiration from these five characteristics to create effective leaders of tomorrow or to be one of the effective leaders of the future. Continue reading