eLeaP gives you the opportunity to create your own e-learning courses. But we also have a huge catalogue of pre-existing e-learning courses that are already set up for you to assign to your staff. It is simplicity itself to integrate one of these established e-
learning courses into your organization’s eLeaP account.

You can access our full catalogue of e-learning courses at www.ELEAPCOURSES.com


The following is a list of CareerShorts™ e-learning courses. These are a collection of short courses, lasting somewhere between 45 and 60 minutes in length, designed to train staff in very specialized areas. Each of these courses is intended to have a fun, interactive approach, with quizzes in particular playing a big part in the learning process. As with all eLeaP content, these web-based e-learning courses, and don’t require any IT expertise to either install or operate. If you can use a mouse and keyboard, you will be able to enjoy the CareerShorts™ courses.

Lean Manufacturing: Principles, Training, Case Studies

More e-learning courses are available at www.eleapcourses.com

Course Content Developers, Consultants: eLeaP is Ecommerce enabled.

eLeaP can deliver for numerous different types of people and organizations with varied modus operandi.

With eLeaP, we don’t tie you to inflexible long-term contracts. Design your own personal payment plan with us that suits your needs, and ensure your business only pays for what it needs. And we offer a free 30-day trial. eLeaP makes your course management easy, and your training even easier.

Take a quick tour, and see eLeaP in action today.

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