Computer Based Training

Can You Teach Employees to ‘Fit In?’

Corporate culture is one of those terms that floats around quite a bit, particularly when it comes to training new employees. You want your new employees to not just understand what it is your organization stands for, but you want them to be able to implement their understanding of your culture, and essentially, as one Forbes writer recently put it, assimilate. Continue reading

3 Reasons to Adopt eLearning Software in Your Business

The Internet and computers are two basic staples these days for the majority of businesses to operate and function. Since employees, supervisors, and managers are already using these technology tools, it makes sense that you adopt eLearning software in your business for training and development purposes. Providing training and development to employees through eLearning can bring several benefits to your business – benefits that everyone involved in the business and the training can enjoy. Continue reading