Team Leadership Trends to Take into 2019 and Beyond

For team leaders, it’s important to be able to stay on top of leadership trends and predictions to figure out ways they can keep up with or stay ahead of the changes happening around them. This gives them the advantage of figuring out why their teams aren’t motivated, have high turnover, or fail to attract top talent. Adopting an agile approach to team management can help identify ways businesses can leverage potential threats and opportunities associated with increasingly accelerated changes in technologies and the needs and demands of clients/customers to build and maintain teams that are willing and prepared to meet those challenges.

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Is Team Building Worthwhile?

Team building often gets a bad rap. As soon as people hear that team building activities are going to take place, groans, grumbling, and eye rolls flood through the workplace. But is team building all bad? Is it worthwhile? Does team building add to retention and productivity? Does it make employees happier and more engaged?

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