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Using a Learning Management System To Create A Course

In our previous post, we covered some pros and cons of creating an online course to sell it or using it in a sales funnel. We also covered some of the basics, such as answering “what is a learning management system.”

If you’ve read that post, and you’ve made it to this one, it’s likely something you’re still seriously considering. Continue reading

Learning Management Systems and e-Commerce Course Creation

You have probably heard a lot about people who create online courses, and market and sell them online. It’s a huge business, but is it right for everyone?

 What should you know about creating online courses, and more specifically how to do so using a learning management system? Continue reading

The Importance of Ongoing Training and Follow-Up

With a shortage of skills and talent being something businesses across industries are confronting, there is a tremendous focus on training and development. Unemployment is low, certain skills are in high-demand, and for many employees, they’re in the driver’s seat.

Good employees have plenty of opportunities, and one of the best things employers can do when there are situations like this is focus on their training and development initiatives. Continue reading

What is a Learning Management System?

We often talk about trends in employment, hiring and the business world in general, but sometimes you just need to get back to the basics. We’re taking this opportunity to provide answers to the question of “what is a learning management system.” A lot of businesses and organizations know they need to do their training differently, but they’re not sure how to achieve that objective. This guide provides an overview of everything to know about a learning management system and its integration into a business. Continue reading

Onboarding and Training New Veteran Hires

When a company makes a commitment to hiring employees, the most important elements to ensure their success are onboarding and training. Onboarding and training for veterans needs to be focused on not just ensuring they have the necessary job skills for their new role, but also that they can successfully transition into the private sector. Continue reading

How To Hire Veterans

We’ve covered topics related to hiring veterans including the benefits of doing so, possible challenges and the financial incentives and programs that may be available. Now, for businesses who’ve decided this is something they want to do, how can you hire veterans? How do you connect with veterans and get started? Continue reading

What Business Owners Should Know About Hiring Veterans

There are returning veterans who are looking for employment, and employers are facing a serious skills gap and talent shortage. The natural inclination is to bring the two together, but many businesses still aren’t taking full advantage of the opportunities that can come from hiring veterans. Continue reading

How To Terminate an Employee the Right Way

The best thing you can do to protect your company is to make sure you’re fully aware of all laws and guidelines that pertain to firing. At the same time, you need to train everyone who could be responsible for firing someone including supervisors, managers, and your HR team. If they’re not trained, and they fire someone the wrong way, it can create big liability and financial repercussions for the entire company. Continue reading