Case Studies

Learn from powerful case studies of how others have solved similar problems. Our real-world case studies give you actionable steps and resources to apply in your own situation.

Yahoo! Rumors, Lawsuits and Low Morale

If you haven’t already heard the news, Yahoo, one of the nation’s top tech companies, is downsizing. CEO Marissa Mayer is scaling down Yahoo’s operations in an attempt to save money and protect the company’s bottom line. While there is nothing unique about a company scaling back its operations for budgetary reasons, the problem with Yahoo is that so far, Mayer’s strategy has created little more than a huge mess. Continue reading

Theranos – A Case Study on Risk and Reputation Management

Until recently, no one could get enough of Theranos and the company’s founder, Elizabeth Holmes – the exceptionally young, self-made billionaire whose fortune has been made on a single sought after medical technology: an easier, faster and less invasive way to carry out blood tests. Indeed, Holmes, still in her early thirties, has been widely hailed as transforming the laboratory diagnostics industry with her company and upheld as a role model for young women entrepreneurs and inventors alike. Continue reading