Call Center Training

With a major increase in the expectations of the customers, it has become highly important for the managers to conduct call center trainings from time to time. See how the right call center training can impact the bottom-line.

The High Cost of Poor Customer Service

Poor customer interactions always come at a cost. While losing one customer may not be devastating to an organization, a class action lawsuit for discrimination can be. The challenge is how to avoid situations that can come back to negatively impact an organization. While the art of great customer service is something that can take time to develop, there is no question that training is a key part of avoiding minor and major customer service errors. Continue reading

Avoid a Call Center Disaster with These Tips

We’re right in the midst of the holiday season and while for some people that can mean decorations, parties, and gatherings with families, for business leaders it can mean a time wrought with anxiety because this busy, hectic, and stressful time of year can lead to customer service disasters. Continue reading