Big Data

Big data can help in eLearning, but attention must be paid to metrics for both the learning and administrative side of your LMS. With the eLeaP Learning Management Software managing big data is easier.

Automation Rocks, but Not Every Business Needs a Chatbot

In the future, the success of businesses, even small businesses, will increasingly pivot on the adoption of automated solutions such as chatbots. By automating routine tasks, businesses can do more for less and increase their ability to serve customers around the clock. While the benefits of automation are obvious, it is still important for businesses of all sizes to seriously assess when automating is truly adding value. After all, in many instances, a human touch still carries a tremendous amount of value. Continue reading

Private Business and the Public Good

As most people now know, the war between the information technology sector and the government continues to heat up. Recently, several key presidential staff members, including the attorney general, the White House chief of staff, and the directors of the FBI met with senior executives from Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Apple. The agenda for the meeting was clear—how do we make it more difficult for terrorists to use the Internet as a recruitment tool? While the Continue reading

Creating a Data-Driven Culture and How It Impacts Training

The Big Data Landscape

Big data is no longer an obscure term, seen as exclusively reserved for multinational corporations. Thanks to the rise of a multitude of software options, even very small businesses now have the opportunity to incorporate data into the way they do business on a daily basis. Continue reading

When Big Data Creates Big Stereotypes

Talent and HR departments everywhere are jumping onto the Big Data bandwagon, and with good reason. The promise of big data is a mighty appealing one – better-informed decision-making that has a real impact on organizations. However, one dark side of big data is the potential for misinterpreting all that data. And that can lead to the creation of persistent stereotypes that hold people back and color their perceptions of others. Continue reading

Flash Teams

You know what a flash mob is, right? Wikipedia calls it “a large public gathering at which people perform an unusual or seemingly random act and then disperse, typically organized by means of the Internet or social media.” Is there a space for flash mobs in organizational life? On the surface, it would seem not so much. But what if you combine elements of the flash mob concept with something else like the hackathon, with its incredibly focused brainstorming to quickly solve complex challenges or problems? Combine the concepts of flash mob and hackathon and what you get for organizations is the flash team. Continue reading

Assessing Analytical Capability

If you’ve read my previous article, Laying the Foundation for Leveraging Big Data in Learning, then you already know how important it is to assess the analytical capabilities of everyone on your learning department’s staff. It’s a foundational piece in laying the groundwork for being able to leverage big data for better learning. But how do you go about actually assessing your staff’s analytical capabilities in a meaningful way that gives you insight about how to focus big data training needs? Continue reading

Laying the Foundation for Leveraging Big Data in Learning

In a previous article, LMS Must-Have #3: Strong Analytics and Reporting, I argued that big data can help leverage better success in eLearning if you pay attention to particular metrics for both the learning side and the administrative side of your LMS. But are learning professionals ready to make use of big data? Continue reading

The 5-Step Process to Choosing the Right LMS

Choosing the right LMS for your organization goes beyond finding a system that meets the training and development needs of your employees. In fact, choosing the wrong LMS can lead to downtime, which ultimately leads to a loss of money for the business. Use this easy five-step process to ensure that you are making the right choice in the Learning Management System you are choosing for your organization. Continue reading